The 3 States

The 3 States.

Primary: Consciousness / Deep Sleep
Secondary: Mind / Dream State
Tertiary: Matter / Waking State

As usual western society has things backwards.
Western Society would have you believe that the Waking State/ Matter is the most “Real” in terms of experiential realities.

Of course they are all real experientially , however consciousness is Primary, everything is within and derives its existence from Infinite consciousness, the only true substance, if we can call it that.

It is important to the expansion of your consciousness to begin to embrace this order of things as it will have a tremendous impact on your daily experiences.

It will completely rewire physical mind and allow better communication between physical mind and higher self which means more joy , more abundance, more synchronicity.

And most importantly you won’t take yourself or life so ..seriously!

Playing the part of being human is a dance , a performance art. And after the show, after the story ends you start a new show , a new story, this is what infinite consciousness does for entertainment , growth , expansion and for play !

You don’t work a piano , you play a piano. You don’t listen to music with the only goal being to get to the end.

So don’t live your life that way! Play, Dance and enjoy the experience, because it’s infinite so you might as well enjoy it, or not …it’s up to you!

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