Sustainability off the grid is at the heart of the prepping movement , and there are many technologies that incorporate what I call High Tech Low Tech that can be implemented to enjoy a life style that is not only sustainable but allows you to lower your cost of living.

I created “The Preppers” section here at Apocalypse How to share with you ideas and “Solutions” to the most common survival concerns when it comes to living on planet earth , these will be things I have personally tried or implemented to gain experience for myself in becoming  not only more sustainable , but more self reliant.

With winter approaching one of the most important things you want to have ready in northern climates ( and elsewhere with the strange weather patterns recently) ,  is a way to heat your home , with the price of fuel and electricity constantly on the rise , more and more people are looking for alternative ways to heat their homes , and this is ” my story” .

Last year, deep in the heart of winter my heat pump failed and while it was incredibly annoying ,  it wasn’t exactly catastrophic , the first is because  I live in a fairly temperate climate up on the coast  in the Pacific Northwest , so it doesn’t get that cold , but you definitely want heat to be comfortable … and for the women folk to be happy…” Very Important ”  for survival !

The second reason is that my furnace was still working so I could use what is called the  ” Emergency Heat ” setting , this is normally good for a couple days , but our heat pump was toast , so we ran on emergency mode for over 3 months, not only was the furnace constantly running because it was so inefficient , the electric bill went through the roof  even more so than usual for winter months… and we were still cold.

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Do you have your food stores ready , how about your bug out bag handy, are you thinking of ordering that shipping container for the perfect underground bunker, I hear you can get them cheap.

Hell I was prepping when prepping was cool. Now its just a TV show with everyone talking about the “End of the World”.

Back in 2008 I had no idea what prepping was all about , but I quickly became a “Prepper” as fears of political and economic collapse ran rapid, the keyword being “Fear” , lots of fear.

It was a wake up call for many of us pure and simple. We were suddenly and abruptly woken from our slumber and we started to look at things a bit more clearly.

We all began to realize how vulnerable and completely not in control we really are. I think that’s why it has become so popular , people feel like they are gaining a sense of control by prepping, so they can survive !

I have to laugh, especially at myself . Don’t get me wrong, I think it is absolutely a good idea to be prepared for natural disasters, and perhaps a short term economic upheaval , and I really appreciated my generator and stores of food when I was without power for 5 days due to a freak snow storm.

But the Idea that we can prep for the “End of The World , is not only ludicrous , its an oxymoron. I mean come on people , think about it, if the world is ending , whats the point.

In the new television show “Doomsday Preppers” , the commentators constantly reinforce the idea that the “Preppers” are preparing for the end of the world , perhaps this is to make them sound crazy.

Although many of the people on the show talk about , economic collapse as their primary concern for prepping , not the end of the world , so perhaps a bit of ” Television Programming ” going on as usual.

Watching the show brought more than a few laughs , clearly there are people with way too much time and money on their hands, but hey to each his own, if it’s their highest joy, so be it.

I would only suggest that if it’s about living in fear then it kind of defeats the purpose. Nothing wrong with being prepared, as we move deeper into the Apocalypse, we will likely see some bumps along the road, some growing pains, and the more prepared you are on all levels , the more enjoyable the journey.

Remember there is no destination , there is no “End” to anything. Just enjoy the Show , follow your joy!


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