Guest Article By : Beverly Nadler CH CMT

“Scanning” Hebrew Letters and Words
As I heard Karen Berg and her sons talk about the importance of “scanning” – moving your fingers from right to left under the Hebrew words as you scan the text with your eyes, I couldn’t help but wish that one of them had explained WHY scanning “works”. (They were talking about scanning the Zohar, the sacred Kabbalah text, described below).

I wished that someone had first explained that everything, including the letters on the page of a book, is vibrating energy, and that the reason you “scan” the Zohar or Hebrew letters is to connect with their spiritual energy.

Telling people to “scan” letters and passages they can’t read or understand, makes no sense unless they already know that everything is energy. Then they can accept the possibility that by scanning the Zohar consciously (meaning with focused attention), they’ll receive the high vibration energy of the letters and words.

Hebrew letters and the two languages, Aramaic (the original language of the Zohar) and Hebrew, are considered “sacred”. That means they have a very powerful spiritual vibration, one that “connects” to (or brings you into “vibrational harmony” with) the non-material Source that Kabbalists call “The Light”.
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Guest Article By : Beverly Nadler CH CMT

My Spiritual Journey and Discovery of Kabbalah
I came upon Kabbalah after years of studying psychology, philosophy, Hermetic Philosophy, metaphysics, spiritual teachings of the East, teachings of Western mystics (Rudolph Steiner, Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, New Thought (Science of Mind, Unity) and so called “New Age” teachings. (I don’t even want to tell you how much money I spent!

To say my passion to “know” and “understand” was costly, is a vast understatement. However, I know that all my time, effort and money was a valuable investment. As a trainer and author whose subject matter includes Spiritual and Mental Law and techniques for reprogramming the subconscious mind, I need to learn from many sources and viewpoints, so that I can clarify, integrate and correlate many diverse, and often conflicting, teachings. I also must be able to discern true teachings from false dogma. My teaching is my “mission” and requires that I simplify complex profound principles and make them practical for people (myself included) so they can create a better life for themselves and their families.

I was fortunate that my first serious personal growth/spiritual study was Concept Therapy in the late 1960s. (I had dabbled in psychology and philosophy since childhood and enjoyed reading classic motivational books like “Think and Grow Rich”, “The Magic of Believing” and “The Power of Positive Thinking.”) I consider Concept-Therapy the foundation for everything I learned thereafter.
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