Michael Schneider

Michael Schneider is the Author of the book ” A Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universes ” where he gets into the mathematical Archetypes of nature.

Michael is also an educator who holds workshops to teach people about the absolute harmony that lies within nature and to bring forth this truth in a positive and empowering way.

I like this perspective of a universe in harmony with itself , why wouldn’t it be, we are infinite consciousness. Michael’s work also gets into the Holographic Universe, Platonic Solids, and Sacred Geometry which makes sense , since these are all number and math based.

All of these concepts come together in simplicity with his work , which is what Michael enjoys so much about our universe, how all can be known in the numbers one through twelve.

We don’t need to explore the stars and galaxies to find out who or what what we are , after all there really is no “out there” from an infinite consciousness perspective. All we need to learn about “all that is” , is “right here” within us.

Check out the books below by Michael Schneider !

Here is an Excellent Interview on Red Ice Radio where Michael Schneider talks about Constructing the Universe.

This is an older Video where Michael Schneider explains how Ancient Egyptians already had the math that we use today in our modern technological world , the number are always there , they are part of the very construct of reality.

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