Rich Dolan

Richard Dolan may well be considered one of the premier researchers in Alternative history and Government Black Ops cover ups.

He has also brought to the forefront the concept of a “break away society” that was able to take advantage of Alien Technology and use it to gain advantage over the rest of us schmucks on the planet . Sounds about right.

When people in alternative media and in the truth movement in general talk about Alternative History, they are acknowledging that what we have been taught in our schools and universities is bogus for the most part , of course there is always some truth mixed in to give it flavor , remember its all Grey , nothing is black and white .

What if Germany lost the War but the Nazis actually won. I mean think about it , is it  that hard to believe?  What does the all American boy or girl look like , well they have blonde hair and blue eyes. Does that sound vaguely familiar?

Is the US actually the Fourth Reich , we sure seem to be the most aggressive country militarily on the planet with bases all over the world and multiple campaigns and wars going on in seeming perpetuity.

This is the picture that Richard Dolan and other alternative historians are delving into, and there seems to be a direct correlation between the cover up that’s been going on in regards to Extraterrestrial contact and the bogus history that is fed to us to cover up there presence.

Are the Nazis part of a break away society , with technology far in advance of anything that is allowed into the public domain.

Check out the books below by Richard Dolan !

Here is a recent interview with project Camelot where you can get to know Richard Dolan as he chats with Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan.

Here on Red Ice Radio Richard talks about his pet subject , Secrete Space Programs and Break Away Civilizations.

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