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I have come across another brilliant female voice recently that I would like to introduce you to, her name is Beverly Nadler .

It seems the feminine energy is working its way back towards center stage during the apocalypse which is a very good thing.

Personally I think we may have all had enough of this male dominated energy that has brought never ending wars and planetary destruction, not saying male energy is bad , that’s a polarized perspective.

I’m saying that the union of both male and female energy is what is needed to bring a more balanced , unified state of consciousness into this reality we call planet earth.

I find the message ,the over all theme of Beverly’s work to be very resonate with what many of us are feeling right now as we expand into more of who and what we are as Conscious Co Creators of our individual and collective realities.

In Beverly’s book ” Loving The Game of Life ” we can explore the idea of seeing life, physicality as a game , yes, an incredible virtual reality , where we “play” the part of Being Human , and once we understand the “rules of the game , once we understand the underlying physics involved with creation , then watch out , watch your life transform into an explosion of abundance , joy and synchronicity !

This single realization allows you to “Reprogram” the program that we call the human subconscious to do your bidding in a positive way , so voices like Beverly are vital to this process, and she does a great job of bringing practical techniques and well written material for people to get started on this process.

When you listen to Beverly she has very down to earth approach to the awakening process, although you can tell she has really done her home work, she has excellent grasp of the consensus reality theater that we are all bombarded with on a daily basis , in fact she says part of the process of reprogramming is learning how the world really works , understanding that much of what we have been told growing up is mostly nonsense.

Its the old story of garbage in garbage out, if all you do is fill your mind , your heart and soul with negative fear based input , then guess what your life is gonna look like. Now is the time to let go of outdated belief systems that no longer serve us , definitions that no longer serve us , and to understand that universe is simply a mirror , reflecting back to us what we put out.

It does take commitment and dedication and you do need to be disciplined , especially in the beginning of your journey back towards the light , in many cases its a case of fake it till you make it, because we have all been so programed so indoctrinated with absolute “BS” on this planet.

Check out the books below by Beverly Nadler !

Check out Beverly Nadler on Blog Talk Radio Below !

So if you think your ready for a bit of Reprogramming , then come and listen to a very special voice, come and meet Beverly Nadler, here she is on Ask Your Angels you tube channel , answering some of the most common questions we all face.

Check out the wonderful video series below from Beverly Nadler , and get a chance to meet this wonderful woman who has spent a lifetime bringing us information that will lead you to greater expansion and growth !

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