Ben Stewart

Ben Stewart is a musician and a film maker who is also becoming a very resonate voice for all things awakening. If you get a chance check out his films Kymatica and Esoteric Agenda.

I highly recommend these videos for those of you that have just started on the path of awakening and are looking into the infamous rabbit hole for the firs time.

These two films also make excellent eye openers for family and friends that you know who might be ready for a bit more information.

And of course even those that have been on the trail for awhile will still find plenty of fresh information and relevance in the never ending process of expanding ones awareness.

There is no fear mongering in his work , Ben’s message is that there is no one to blame here, and that taking personal responsibility is the key to transforming the nature of this reality.

This of course is why the whole awakening process seems to be taking forever , becasue so few want to take any responsibility , a paradigm that has been nurtured by the societal engineers.

Ben Stewart’s work is a prime example of the internet as an awakening tool. A place where individuals with no corporate funding can promote their work and help to bring valuable information to the public world wide.

The are many researchers and film makers using this tool we call the internet to literally change the consciousness of our species and it makes for incredibly exciting times. Although all tools can be misused and manipulated.

Lets not forget “Who” brought us the internet,technically it was a government project , perhaps even an alphabet agency project, but as I always say “Universe Uses Everything” for the purpose of exploring probabilities.

Here Ben Stewart is interviewed on Workers Radio Sydney , he discusses his latest projects and shares his unique perspective on the unfolding Apocalypse.

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