Esoteric Agenda

Here is another Excellent film from Ben Stewart , Esoteric Agenda is a great starter film for anyone who is on the path to waking up. This film will help you to start to put all the pieces together on how this Planet is run and who is running things.

Ben Stewart is one of my favorite voices out there becasue he truly sees the ” Big Picture”. Most of us that are awakening go through this process where initially we are shocked at what we see behind the curtain.

Then you go through a period of either anger or denial , but once that has passed the question then become what do we do about it. Depending on your persepctive you either go down the path of trying to change things from within the system or like myself you realize that the change has to come from within each of us.

Trying to change things within a corrupt system I believe is futile , as do many who are now at this juncture. So storming city hall or marching on Washington and breaking bank windows , or yelling at guards in front of the Federal Reserve building , while it may be satisfying , seems to be having no real effect. Although it is all part of the process.

Esoteric Agenda is an excellent Awakening film.

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