When it comes to Theater there is no greater show than Modern Politics.

If you still believe in Santa Clause , or the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny then perhaps you still actually believe that our elected officials represent “We The People “.

Politics has become the social engineer’s most valuable tools to keep the masses fighting amongst themselves while they basically do what ever they want “at our expense” , literally to the tune of  Trillions.

Perhaps in the old days ,well before our time , politicians were people from the community, who would serve for a time for the good of the people and in this context it seemed a decent way to run the affairs of humans on this planet.

Well that didn’t last for long and what we basically have now are professional politicians who are mostly bought and paid for by the special Interests also known as the major corporations AKA the elite.

So if you really want to know who wears the pants on this planet , just follow the money , the real money and you will end up at BilderBerg Meetings , Council on Foreign  Relations, Trilateral Commission and so on and so forth.

The members of these groups are from all the big banks and corporations , and yes some presidents get to attend probably to serve drinks , but they have no real power , if presidents of countries do show up , it’s with pen in hand and a notebook so they can take notes about what their agenda will be.

Maybe Kennedy was the last real president , I don’t know , that was before my time, he did go up against the Federal Reserve and look how that turned out .  It doesn’t  take a rocket scientist to figure out that they removed Kennedy from the picture becasue of his position on The Federal Reserve, and Fiat Currencies in general.

So here we are it’s 2011 and there doesn’t seem to be anything left of a ” Constitutional Republic ” or even a Democracy for that matter , not that “Mob Rules ” is all that great.

What we now have many are calling a Corporatocracy , which is kind of a new fancy made up word for Fascism perhaps , basically just means that Corporations pretty much have all the money and power and do whatever they want , the hell with laws, they can just buy new ones.

I guess it is more accurate than Fascism , becasue our government leaders are pretty much powerless at the hands of the Real Money masters on this planet.

That being said this is not the time to jump up in Arms and get mad at the people in charge as this will do no good, you can see how effective all the rioting in the streets and breaking of Starbucks and Bank of America windows has been.

They don’t care people , get it they do not care. Now is the time to start seeing things as they truly are. The only possible way to take the power away from these power hungry what ever they are, is to “Stop Giving It To them “.

So Quit Voting, quit encouraging them by voting and showing up at the polls ,I know there’s Ron Paul , and you say finally we have a chance to change things, well that may be true and I hope it is , really I do . But I’m not holding my breath.

The answer to ending the corruption in Washington DC  , ultimately is personal sovereignty and sustainability , and non participation in the madness we call politics, The False Left Right Paradigm.

The Corporatocracy Unveiled

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