Henrik Palmgren

I wanted to take the time to introduce Henrik Palmgren into the mix of New Apocalypse Voices here at Apocalypse How. Of course there is nothing new about Henrik , and I’m sure many of you have heard of him and his Red Ice Creations.

I just felt it was important to express my appreciation for his work , I have been following his Red Ice Radio Show via You Tube for a few years now and I have to say he is one of my favorite interviewers, not only is he knowledgeable and well versed on many topics, he is a great listener, and a great researcher in his own right of course.

One thing I really love about his interview style is that he’s “Actually ” listening , he’s not just waiting for his guests to stop talking so he can interject and make his points, he actually lets his guests talk , for long periods of time, allowing them to make their point and when they are finished he will make a comment , and move on to his next question , its rare to see this level of awareness and patience in a human being , these days.

He has many talents to share with us during our collective and individual awakening process , from radio host to musician , researcher to graphics designer. Henrik says ” I am an explorer of the occult, esoteric and exoteric. I am an observer of everything from conspiracies to subtle nuances of divine communication and meaningful coincidence .”

Well that pretty much sums up the path many of us are on right now in our passion to lift the veil of illusion , in our quest to explore the nature of reality, we are no longer satisfied with playing the game, we want to know what the game is all about and who created it , and if we choose whether we even want to play at all.

The list of fascinating voices Henrik has introduced me to through his radio show is too numerous to mention , but some of my favorites , or perhaps ones that resonate well with me are Neil Kramer , Santos Bonacci , Sonia Barret , Tracy Twyman and the list goes on of course.

When I listen to Henrik talk I really get a sense that he is very open , and without agenda , he seems to explore things with a very open heart , and that translates in his interviews and his own work as well.

I like that in a person , people who can let go of old beliefs and definitions when they no longer make sense , regardless of how long we have all been told its true, this state of being, tends to make greater leaps in consciousness and expansion , following the data no matter where it takes them, not afraid of being wrong , or loss of recognition form others.

Why are people so worried about what other people think about them … Because they rely on other for their source energy .

And that’s the problem with much of the main stream’s established science and religions , too many people are just regurgitating what they have been told instead actually learning how to think on their own, after all this is a personal journey , there is no wrong or right way to “Be”.

Thank you so much Henrik for your service , and all that you do , to me Red Ice Radio represents the cutting edge in the exploration of … who we are , what we are , where we came from and where we are going .

I picked the video below to share with you becasue Henrik is defending himself against a false claim , and in doing say he talks a lot about the purpose of Red Ice Creations and his persepctive and philosophy , its a great video to get inside the interviewer if you will and get to know Henrik Palmgren.

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