Wendy Kennedy

One of the most important aspects to the awakening process is to be able to find practical applications for it in your waking 3d reality that we call life, or physicality.

There are so many benefits to being awake , the most important is how it can empower you to have a much more fulfilling life while your here in this simulation, this construct, we call “our lives” .

From the perspective of infinite consciousness it really is a type of simulation , or a game if you will , no different than playing your favorite computer game, where do you think we got the idea from , remember everything is holographic “In Nature”.

Which is why I gravitate towards the voices , or individuals, that bring information into this reality that can have a positive impact on my life, our lives.

Everyday it seems I find another voice to add to the growing list of individuals on the planet right now who are taking part in this collective conversation regarding the the re discovering of what we are.

The voice I would like to introduce to you right now , in this moment, is absolutely brilliant , her name is Wendy Kennedy , and she represents a collective of 2500 individualized aspects , or fractals of all that is , called the 9th dimensional Pleiadian Collective .

Of course in reality , this collective could be considered one being , an over soul if you will , but none of that really makes any difference to me , they are just semantics , the only thing that is relevant to me is the information that is coming forth from this voice.

And the information is relevant, empowering and brilliantly articulated to bring home a greater understanding of what we are and how we can use this information , this knowledge in our daily lives to integrate and shift into higher vibrational frequencies allowing us to become more of what we are , which is of course infinite consciousness, source energy. We are “It”.

As Wendy says this realization is the most important aspect of why we are here, this is what “Earth” is all about, as source we come into the game we call 3d reality for the purpose of experiencing what it is like to be cut off, and then work our way back.

Yes its the same information showing up again and again , in all the voices, in all the information coming through during this awakening , we are all having a conversation about the same thing , and as we look around at all the faces in the room , we realize we are just looking at ourselves.

Wendy also gets into the concept of using your heart to do the real thinking , the mulit dimensional thinking, as the brain cannot process multidimensional thinking, the Brain or Mind’s purpose is to process information in the 3d , five sense reality, it’s simply a tool to use when immersed in this particular simulation, or construct.

I came across Wendy when I started doing research into the whole Human / Pleiadian connection , and what I am finding is an incredible amount of resonance and synchronicity in what I am hearing from those that say they are channeling that species of consciousness if you will .

So this is the practical application , this is the benefit, as we allow and explore with the heart, we find the level of expansion as individuals explodes exponentially, we find we are changing ourselves from within and the result is that we align ourselves vibrationally with versions of reality that we are most in alignment with.

Wendy also talks about Ascension , but not in the way it is normally discussed , she says Ascension is simply infinite consciousness taking part in an experiment so to speak , we are already “All That Is ” but we do enjoy challenges , otherwise things would get a bit “Boring” as she says, again very resonate .

This is how it’s done, this is raw creation , there is no changing the world , there is no out there , it’s all about changing within and Wendy Kennedy not only resonates with this concept , she brings it into even greater clarity , creating more understanding of what we are.

Check out the videos below by Wendy Kennedy !

So lets get started with Wendy in this video about Solving World Problems , listen and learn , it is incredible , useful , practical information for these amazing times we are in.

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