Have you ever experienced the effects of Dimethyltryptamine also know as DMT?  Well you might be thinking no ,   I don’t use drugs ! … and to that I have to say , well…you do , that is,  if your definition of DMT , is to call it a drug , I would simply call it a compound to keep things simple.

It turns out all of us mammals are using drugs… man , even rats produce this compound in their Pineal Gland , I would love to see what kind of psychedelic , spiritual experiencing the rats are having , now that would be interesting , oh well , we shall never know , unless of course we decide to be a rat next time around the wheel.

The reason I bring this whole subject up… is this , as we become more holistic as humans , as we reactivate if you will , revitalize the ole third eye , as the pineal gland is often called , it would appear that the pineal gland starts producing more DMT , giving us more experiences that we could call multi dimensional , psychedelic , spiritual , lucid exploration of  the multiverse.

This observation does not come from “out there”  ,   this is coming form direct experience , the occurrence of what I would call ” WOW ” experiences during my nightly journeys , usually between 4am – 6am  is steadily increasing and has been over the last few years , and the cool part is I don’t have to go anywhere or meet anyone in a dark alley to score my fix … it just happens … awe .. you gotta love universe .. it has thought of everything.
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