AH Mission Statement

The Mission here at Apocalypse How is to bring the voices of the “Awakening Community”  together under one domain so that it can be shared with others during our individual and collective exploration , and to Redefine , Redefine , Redefine all of the old , worn out beliefs , definitions and systems that no longer serve us as individuals or the collectives we choose to create .

It’s a journey that takes us down the Rabbit Hole and back out again, and while at times it may be dark and you may get dirty crawling around looking for an exit , when you do finally make it out again, into the light , you will be stronger , expanded and more empowered than you have ever been .

Apocalypse How is also my own personal journey, as I go about this process of re-awakening to who and what I am and sharing with you those voices that have been there with me , for me , supporting me , along the way .

So if you have a family member or friend that comes to you asking questions , you can direct them to Apocalypse How , regardless of what aspect of the awakening has drawn them in , and feel comfortable that we are here to empower the human spirit through expansion and growth.

Apocalypse How is an awakening portal that acts as a counter to all of the negative based informational sites that tend to promote much of what is happening from a negative fear based , doom perspective.

The popularity of doom and gloom sites is simply a mirror reflecting back to us , its a gauge so to speak about the quality of our ” Collective ” consciousness at any given moment , many feel there is no way out of the madness , so they see Cataclysm and Collapse as an attractive solution , or escape ,  however , there is no escaping yourself.

We are all Co Creators of our individual and collective realities , our passion , our highest joy here at Apocalypse How is to do our part in exploring these realities we create and promote taking responsibility,  so that we can all become “Conscious Creators ” and take part , if you choose , in creating a new consensus , a new collective , based on unconditional love.

As “Conscious” Creators we can “choose” what we want or don’t want in creating our individual and collective realities , we no longer have to accept things as they are, we can deconstruct the old programming , and we can redefine , redefine , redefine !!!

We are all part of this experiment we call planet Earth and we each have a unique perspective from which we can all draw strength and knowledge from.

Our perspective here at Apocalypse How is that all things are allowed expression , we are all free to follow any path we choose, create any reality we choose , there is no right way or wrong way of ” Being ” , we are each unique expressions of all that is.

Much Love

Seth Willis

PS: For those of you who have Websites , or any online presence please contact me about working together , on any type of project that mutually benefits both parties , such as Link Exchange , Cross promotion of Material or products that are relevant , Joint Ventures, Affiliate programs , Advertising , Facebook Pages etc.

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