Wallace Thornhill

There is a new breed of science and scientists that are on the cutting edge of new discoveries about the Universe and as Wallace Thornhill says ” Our Ignorance is So Profound” since we have so much wrong , that we have to start all over again.

And that is exactly the type of mind set that is needed if we are ever to unveil the mysteries of the cosmos.

So much of modern science is based on old theories that constantly have to be patched up just to make them work, and
one area of science in particular that always seems to need patching is our understanding of the sun.

What if an explanation about the the sun and the universe as well came out that did not require patching , this is the “Electric Universe” hypothesis.

The Electric Universe is a Holistic answer to the Myopia that is classical science, if we have the courage to admit that we had it all wrong , then we can truly start to move forward.

More and more alternative researchers and scientist are coming on board and have begun to acknowledge the ” Electric Universe” theory as a vital key to understanding the Universe as whole. No Patching Required it just works simply and naturally !

The premise of the “Electric Universe” is that “Plasma” is the Fundamental State of Matter. For me its a no brainer , I’m not a Scientist obviously , just a regular Joe, albeit an awakened regular Joe and this just resonates off the chart for me. As a “being ” this intuitively makes sense to me , this is part of the apocalypse.

The Apocalypse is a period where all the bogus , outdated , used for control crap gets thrown out the window and we finally start to see things as the truly are , not as we want them to be , not as we try and force them to be , which is what a lot of what main stream  modern science is , forced theories that require explanation that don’t even make common sense to the truly awakened analytical heart.

That’s becasue most of the Science on planet earth  is bought and paid for by large corporations who haven no vested interest in actually finding technologies that would free humanity from their control. So science on this planet is very political and very Militarily orientated and therefore very limited in its scope.

Large Corporations do not want to publicly acknowledge concepts like the Electric Universe , becasue this discovery could lead to new “Free Energy” Technologies that would effectively put them out of business.

The best example of this  is the story of  Nikola Tesla who started down this path only to be shut down by the powers that be or more specifically JP Morgan.  They could never allow this , you can’t put a meter on free energy. In the end all the ignorance that exists is directly related to the need for control by these parasites.

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Here is a great introduction to Wallace Thornhill and the “Electric Universe” brought to you from Red Ice Radio.

The Electric Universe unveiled by Wallace Thornhill.

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