Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock covers a lot of ground in the “unveiling of the illusion” from exploring the Ayahuasca experience to 2012 and ancient civilizations.

He does some great research into shamanic cultures and altered states of consciousness and how they played a role in the development of human consciousness.

One only has to look to the Social Engineers and their various campaigns on plants like cannabis and the over all war on drugs in general to understand why they do not want plants around that would expand the consciousness of the sheeple slaves.

You can even see in recent history where the use of these plants has created revolutionary thinking , think the 60’s and early 70’s where huge shifts in consciousness occurred in society and culture as a whole.

Graham believes that the use of certain plants by early primitive humans may have been instrumental in jump starting human evolution.

Check out the books below by Graham Hancock !

In the video below Graham Hancock discusses his experiences exploring Ayahuasca

In the interview below on Red Ice Radio with Graham Hancock you will get an excellent understanding of Grahams work and his over all perspective about the nature of reality.

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