Burt Harding

Burt Harding is in love with nothingness ! And I am starting to understand what he means. The place where you learn how to let go of dogma, and belief systems.

Where unity is the nature of things . Where you can simply “be”. Being Human , being yourself, being the universe, being all that is and ever will be , there is “Nothing” else as Burt is trying to tell us.

I love Burt Harding , I fell in love with his videos not too long ago as I was surfing YouTube and I always check back in from time to time to see what Burt is saying and it always seems to resonate with where I am at that time.

I have learned a lot from Burt . He is very universal , he’s not coming from a religious perspective at all , what he teaches and talks about is the realization that we are infinite beings, that sometimes make things really complicated !

He has a wonderful calming effect and when he talks, it even makes it through the screen into my reality, into my heart , it is “beautiful” as Burt would say. And he always makes me laugh with his keen sense of humor !

His message is simple and complex , of course it would be , from Burt’s perspective the two are not mutually exclusive, becasue Unity consciousnesses is about Inclusion , not exclusion, these are virtues of the heart.

Everything is allowed expression within nothingness.

Ok enough playing with words here, words are of the mind, lets just “Simply Be” and let Burt come into your heart and share his very resonate voice of the apocalypse with you.

Check out the books below by Burt Harding !

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