Consciousness is all there is.

All there is… is consciousness.

This is becoming the new model for many of us, replacing the old model of “Materialism”.

Materialism is the idea that consciousness is a byproduct of matter , the physical brain.

Which ties into evolution, the basic premise of materialism is that we evolved after the big bang and here we are… descendants of pond scum. There was a beginning and there will be an end to the universe.

This perspective has fueled the debate between Evolution and Intelligent Design.

For many of us this has never made any sense, it seems nonsensical and does not resonate with us vibrationally.

When we begin to live our lives from the perspective that all there is, is consciousness, our experiences begin to open up and change radically.

We become more unified , less polarized, we can see there is “Intelligently Designed Evolution” working in the universe, creation , all that is… all the time!

The most important change that occurs within us is a sense of Zen like peace. This peace comes from the “Knowing”
that we exist and we will always exist, that we are the universe.

As one becomes more attuned to the “Consciousness Only” model we begin to take more stock in “Our Actual Experiences” and (less in the internal mind created chatter) as a guide, as a metric for the nature of reality

We begin to dispose of outmoded and out dated belief systems which no longer serve us.

We no longer make distinctions between the “Experiential Realities ” that we as consciousness create and participate in for the purpose of growth and expansion.

Physical Reality / The Waking State / Life , Non Physical Reality / The Dream State / Death, Our Universe, The Multiverse etc. , are all valid and real virtual realities we explore within ourselves.

Living from this perspective you begin to understand that Ultimately , Empirically , everything is happening within your consciousness, because… that is all there really is.

This simple awakening to your true nature will begin to rewire and fine tune the relationship you have with physical mind. Allowing you to use it as the valuable tool that it is , while at the same time… no longer being it’s slave !

We are infinite consciousness , we create realities, we create worlds, we create bodies and brains, nothing can destroy us and nothing can stain us !

Matter is a byproduct of consciousness!

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