Santos Bonacci

I recently came across a very resonate voice for the Apocalypse , Santos Bonacci. He’s a very talented guitarist/musician and a passionate voice for understanding the nature of reality from the quantum to the multi universal.

He is known on Youtube as Mr Astrotheology, and as the name implies he has an excellent grasp of the workings of this very esoteric subject.

It seems Astrotheology may be at the center stage for unraveling the mysteries behind this construct we find ourselves in. It is truly big picture material on a cosmic scale.

I really enjoyed Santos’s presentation on the subject , with his charts , visual aides and deep understanding of the awakening process that we are going through, I was able to make many connections that I had previously not seen before.

I’m only about half way through his material and I am starting to get a glimpse of how our entire civilization, with its religions, language, laws, fairy tales, math, astrology, everything is tinged with the essence of astrotheology.

There are many voices out there that are making these connections as well such as Richard Hoagland , Michael Tsarion .

Although I would argue that Santos has taken this subject to a new level way beyond what anyone else has done in the recent awakening movement , and for that there are no comparisons to Santos work on this subject matter , well done brother!

What I like about Santos Bonacci’s is his passion for his work and his presentation , and how he really shows how Astrotheology permeates our daily lives in ways don’t even think about.

How everything is based on our sun and the celestial bodies and their movement through the cosmos , for example there are 12 months in the year, 12 signs of the zodiac , the 12 disciples of Jesus , 12 hours on the clock , 12 days of Christmas , 12 degrees of separation and on and on.

Then there is 24 hours a day , 24,000 years in the grand cycle, 365 days a year and , and 365 degrees of perspective, and after a while, you start asking yourself why and how are theses things connected.

There is much discussion in the alternative media on how the Illuminati or elite bloodlines who have hidden this esoteric knowledge from the rest of humanity and have been using this Holy Science against in a manipulative way .

Although Santos Bonacci’s presentation does not dwell heavily on this aspect , instead he simply shows us the beauty and intricacy of “As Above So Below‘ !

Thank you Santos for your work , your passion and your music !

To purchase Santos Bonacci’s videos go to link below.

Below is an excellent video to get started on Astro Theology and check out Santos.

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