Tracy Twyman

Tracy Twyman is a voice that is very resonate within the alternative media community. And I really wish we had a term other than “alternative media ” to describe the open minded discussion that is going on.

I don’t like the phrase truth movement either , becasue the word truth is a polarized concept. One persons truth may be another’s lie so I tend to see everything as just information, just data to be utilized to form an over all view of the ever changing reality we find ourselves in.

Because ultimately there is no black and white , good or bad , right or wrong these are all part of polarity consciousnesses .

It really takes an open mind and more importantly an open heart to look at the type of information Tracy Twyman brings into the mix.

After many years as a writer and editor for Dagoberts Revenge Magazine and the author of her book “The Merovingian Mythos” Tracy sheds light on the extremely esoteric nature of the occult and “Money ” itself as a form of alchemy.

When most people think of Money ,they think of paper dollars and things that it buys. But money is much more than that.

What are the origins of money , why do we call it the Dollar ,why is there a pyramid on the dollar,why is it green, where did the dollar sign itself originate from and so on , so many questions but no real answers from modern academia.

And the reasons there are no real answers is becasue when you really start to pick apart what money is it will become clear that while it is true that money is just a form of energy , it has also become a form of control.

As Tracy starting getting deeper into the Esoteric nature of money she started to unveil the alchemical nature of money and how the symbolism on the dollar itself could be interpreted in alchemical fashion.

During her research she discovered that some of the most influential economists were actually students of alchemy , imagine that , and that some of the most influential alchemists had contributed to to the evolution of money.

So now a picture starts to come together on how money was created and why it is such a power symbol in human culture.

Tracy looks at how this powerful Alchemy known as money in the hands of the ruling bloodlines is used to manipulate the masses. So open your mind, open your heart and see what resonates.

Check out the books below by Tracy Twyman !

Here Tracy Twyman breaks down her research into the alchemical nature of Money, its an excellent introduction to Tracy and her well documented research into this most powerful symbol.

Here is an another excellent video series that will get you well acquainted with Tracy’s research into all things esoteric.

Here is one of Tracy’s avant-garde films from her college years about freemasonry Signs and Signals.

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