Bob Dean

At 82 years old Bob Dean is evidence that the unveiling or apocalypse has in fact been going on for quite some time , albeit slowly compared to the pace of events happening today.

Perhaps that’s just the nature of time, as it speeds up in this vibrational shift we are experiencing here on planet earth and the rest of the galaxy for that matter.

Bob Dean has had a significant impact in the world of ufology and was well know for his  revealing of the secrete NATO document , the “Assessment”  and revealing information about the various ET species that are here on earth.

After retiring from the USAF,  Bob started investigating on his own to find the answer to one of the biggest questions humanity has been asking , Are we alone.

For most of us who have been going through the awakening process , that questions seems a bit silly in this day and age .  Although when Bob was getting started  in his research this was the mindset of the  masses.

The human race was obviously more naive than we are today and of course they didn’t have the Internet, one of the most powerful tools of the awakening process.

Listening to Bob today you can sense he has an excellent grasp of  the process we call disclosure, and in his opinion even now as of 2011 ,  not everyone is ready or willing to acknowledge that we are literally surrounded by life , other species of sentient beings both physical and multi dimensional.

The reason of course is fear , fear of the unknown, and of course this fear is perpetuated by those who gain the most from our ignorance.

Check out the books below by Bob Dean !

Here in this interview with Project Camelot Bob Dean summarizes his persepctive as it currently stands while acknowledging that it may change as events do. I find this to be an excellent way to proceed during the Apocalypse. Keeping an open mind is the key to raising vibrational awareness.

I found this excellent interview with James Gilliland and Bob Dean where he gets into some good detail about his journey involving the unveiling of the mystery surrounding Extraterrestrial life.

Her Bob Dean really gets into the NATO document The Assessment.

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