I have been calling what we are experiencing “The Silent Disclosure”, as opposed to the very loud disclosure happening in congress for example, with all of the talking heads various agendas, conspiracies, fear mongering turning the whole subject into something to fear for the most part. However it is serving a purpose. We are finally starting to see a glimmer in the darkness surrounding this subject.

I would call the recent correspondence below between Grusch and a reporter as a Major Temporal Marker.

“After the House briefing last week, Luna noted that Grusch previously referred to such entities as “interdimensional.”
Yours truly asked Luna what “interdimensional” means when it comes to UAPs.
“Is this something that bends time and space,” this reporter asked Luna.
“I think it’s incredibly important to listen to the specific words that Grusch uses,” said Luna. “He never said extraterrestrial or alien.”

One of the major themes in this particular incarnation I am experiencing right now, has to do with re connecting with aspects of my multi-dimensional selves while in physical reality. Which includes connecting with Extra-terrestrial races, Extra Dimensional beings, or what we would call simply spiritual beings. Since technically everything is spiritual.

It seems apparent that 2008/2009 was a pivotal shift /moment for much of the collective consciousness, at least for those of us that are part of creating a new consensus reality where we are remembering what we are. Infinite multi-dimensional beings, taking turns playing the part of… Being Human.

I would also like to share some of the aspects, of the timeline, parallel reality, that I am currently experiencing based on the theme that I have chosen for this particular earthly experience. In other words, what does this awakening mean to me and where is it taking me.

*For me the veil has been lifted. The realization I have had is that what we call the non-physical dream state is actually our true reality and physical reality is actually the dream state.
Physical reality is a type of dream my higher self is having. It does not mean, that it is not real, all experiences are real. They are what we take with us, the only thing that is real.
Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, life is but a dream. Even as children we knew it was true, which makes sense as children we are closer to spirit, less indoctrinated.

*To the best of my ability raise my vibrational frequency so that I may interact more easily with higher dimensional beings and races. For myself this happens at night while I am back home in my true state, my realm, the spirit plane, free to interact, in a higher frequency domain. This is where many of us are meeting them half way.

*Clean out limiting beliefs and definitions that no longer serve me. It’s time for me to quit looking where I don’t want to go. This includes letting go of many conspiracy theories, predictions, prophecies. It’s time for discernment, critical thinking, staying present and relying on my actual experiences to guide me, Knowing. Understanding that focusing on, or buying into a given conspiracy, idea, or prediction can propel me into a paralleled reality that I don’t prefer.

*Prepare for Open Contact and becoming part of an Interstellar Alliance. This is an alliance with races, beings, from our local part of the galaxy to start with.
This would include star systems such as the Orion system, Pleiades and others in our local area of the Galaxy and many more over time.
These are in a sense soul groups that we are connected to and have had incarnations with and have collectively experienced the cyclical themes of Darkness to light and light to darkness.
Earth is a cyclical system allowing for near infinite wash rinse cycles, intense experiential cycles for souls, beings, to learn, grow and expand. A very popular amusement park in the galaxy.

*Recognize that the “Silent Inner Disclosure” that many of us are having, is absolutely necessary to prepare for the Open Contact stage. It creates a new consensus reality, with agreed upon root assumptions, that this is what we are going to do. Nothing can stop us or prevent us from having this experience. In a sense we are creating a higher frequency domain, however the reality is we are simply joining an already existing parallel reality. However going through the process of doing so is where all the growth comes from. Going through the process is the whole point of incarnational experiences.

*Because when we are in spirit, everything is pretty much instantaneous, it’s the process and yes the suffering where transformation and growth occurs. Beings all over the galaxy are participating in and watching what we are doing here, this is exciting this is raw creation!

* Yes there are hybridization agendas, This has been going on for a very long time. Humans are hybrids, with genetics from multiple races. Yes there is a hybridization program going on with regard to the Greys. The Greys are actually humans from a parallel reality from the future. Their civilization took a negative turn and their genetics have been degraded. They have quantum tunneling capabilities allowing them to come to our parallel reality in our timeline to procure human genetics that are still viable to help rebuild theirs. Are there other groups with negative based agendas, human or otherwise, of course, however they don’t effect me because I refuse to lower my vibration. I am a sovereign being.

* What many call abductions are part of this process. Agreements at the spirit, soul level , soul contracts are made between both parties allowing for the process. Yes it can be frightening for many who experience this. However the fear comes from the Grey’s vibrational frequency being so much higher, much closer to the frequency of non-physical reality, 333,000 Cycles Per second and beyond. While in human form when we encounter these higher levels of energy it can feel like we are dying , it evokes a survival response, for the body and the ego, because naturally it’s the frequency of the spirit plane, which is our natural state after death or after we wake up from the dream.When we understand these things we can move beyond fear. This is where many of us are heading, we are pushing the envelope in raising our frequency.

* In a sense we are learning to die so that we can truly live, free of fear.

*The purpose of all of this is to pull a segment of human consciousness , those of us who want to participate in a version earth , where within a 1000 years we will move on. We will no longer need the cyclical experience. We will allow room for others to use earth , in much the same way we did. And we will be their guides, their spiritual beings, their Extra dimensionals helping to guide them or their journey into the wilderness of physical reality.
This is the way !


Start Reflecting and Quit Projecting !

One of the most important reasons for “Knowing Thyself” and expanding your consciousness is so that you become more spiritually mature.

Spiritual maturity is what this planet needs desperately !

A common example of spiritual immaturity that runs rampant in society these days is what is commonly referred to as projecting.

Projecting is classic neurotic human behavior, that occurs when we haven’t cleaned our house, when we haven’t done the necessary shadow work on ourselves as entities.

People are constantly going around projecting on to others their unresolved conflicts and desires , their unconscious impulses, their fears , their insecurities, their beliefs and definitions which are usually negative or limiting.

Remember…Do not taunt your neighbor with the blemish you yourself have !

The greatest gift you can give the human race and individuals is to shine the light of consciousness on this age old habit we call projecting.

To start the process of ending this habit , is to become intimately aware of your own fears and insecurities so that you begin to “Know Thyself”. Only then can you catch yourself projecting those fears and insecurities on to others and stop the habit.

Once you do that it becomes easier to catch yourself projecting and over time once you’re aware of it you can break the habitual behavior.

When interacting with others it usually comes in the form of judging or telling others what they ought to be doing or feeling.

When you stop projecting on to others , they will greatly appreciate the freedom you are giving them to just be themselves, regardless of your opinion, judgment or interpretation of their actions or lives.

Remember…Energetically what you are doing when you are projecting, is you are forcing your vibration your frequency on to others.

Becoming aware of this process will not only benefit your personal relationships, it will also benefit your own personal state of being.

Because in the process you are shining the light of consciousness on something that has been going on unconsciously for your entire life.

It forces you to look in the mirror and understand yet again , that the universe is simply a reflection of what you most believe to be true about yourself and the world.

It’s time we grow up and take responsibility for the energy that we send out into the universe. Expecting the world to change when we refuse to… is a form of insanity !

It’s time to start Reflecting and Quit Projecting !


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