Start Reflecting and Quit Projecting !

One of the most important reasons for “Knowing Thyself” and expanding your consciousness is so that you become more spiritually mature.

Spiritual maturity is what this planet needs desperately !

A common example of spiritual immaturity that runs rampant in society these days is what is commonly referred to as projecting.

Projecting is classic neurotic human behavior, that occurs when we haven’t cleaned our house, when we haven’t done the necessary shadow work on ourselves as entities.

People are constantly going around projecting on to others their unresolved conflicts and desires , their unconscious impulses, their fears , their insecurities, their beliefs and definitions which are usually negative or limiting.

Remember…Do not taunt your neighbor with the blemish you yourself have !

The greatest gift you can give the human race and individuals is to shine the light of consciousness on this age old habit we call projecting.

To start the process of ending this habit , is to become intimately aware of your own fears and insecurities so that you begin to “Know Thyself”. Only then can you catch yourself projecting those fears and insecurities on to others and stop the habit.

Once you do that it becomes easier to catch yourself projecting and over time once you’re aware of it you can break the habitual behavior.

When interacting with others it usually comes in the form of judging or telling others what they ought to be doing or feeling.

When you stop projecting on to others , they will greatly appreciate the freedom you are giving them to just be themselves, regardless of your opinion, judgment or interpretation of their actions or lives.

Remember…Energetically what you are doing when you are projecting, is you are forcing your vibration your frequency on to others.

Becoming aware of this process will not only benefit your personal relationships, it will also benefit your own personal state of being.

Because in the process you are shining the light of consciousness on something that has been going on unconsciously for your entire life.

It forces you to look in the mirror and understand yet again , that the universe is simply a reflection of what you most believe to be true about yourself and the world.

It’s time we grow up and take responsibility for the energy that we send out into the universe. Expecting the world to change when we refuse to… is a form of insanity !

It’s time to start Reflecting and Quit Projecting !

More and more the concept of “Over Thinking” is making its way into our collective consciousness.

Why is this ?
It’s a natural evolutionary process as one expands their awareness beyond the illusory separate self.

Once you understand that you are not your thoughts, you begin to ask yourself , what am “I”.

What we all call “I” is awareness, being, infinite consciousness, that which is aware of being aware… it’s our primary state.

What we call mind is simply a collection of thoughts, images and perceptions.

The space between two thoughts is awareness, that which is aware of being aware.

Consciousness does not need a thought, image or perception to know itself any more than the sun needs light to see itself ,the sun is self-illuminated, consciousness is self-aware.

There reason we miss this concept is that we have been indoctrinated into this belief system since our birth into physical reality that says , the body/mind is what we are, that consciousness , awareness emanates form the body/mind.

Once you begin to define thoughts and thinking as an aspect of mind, something that is illusory in nature, you can begin to break the habit of over thinking… and it is simply a habit!

And like many bad habits you’re not even conscious of it.
However once you shine the light of consciousness on a bad habit , the transformation process can begin.

Part of the process is – When negative thoughts arise , ask them , on whose behalf are you arising ? Obviously their not serving you , It’ not for your benefit, it’s not empowering you, it’s not supporting you, it’s not helping.
Ask yourself, does worrying and over thinking ever help any situation , of course not.

So what you want to do is simply refuse to follow that thought down the rabbit hole of ever spiraling madness. When you begin to discipline yourself to do this, what happens is you quit
giving power, your source energy to negative thoughts and thinking and over time they will dissipate like clouds in the bright light of the sun.

Anytime you shine the light of consciousness, awareness on something that is illusory… it will fade.

The mind and thinking should be used for 3 reasons.

1. For practical everyday things we need to deal with in our complex lives while navigating the physical reality experience .
2. To explore our own true nature of who and what we are. The most important endeavor anyone can take is to “Know Thyself ”
3. To share our love, passion and excitement with others, in relationships.

Anytime your mind is engaged is compulsive, obsessive negative thinking , the monkey mind is in control and has taken over your physical reality experience.

If you find it difficult to turn your mind off when it is not needed for one of the 3 activities above, one great tool is to simply give it something positive to think about… to chew on. These are where positive affirmations might be useful until you get a leash on the monkey mind.

The reason the egoic mind/thoughts are like this is because it know it’s finite, it knows its time is limited and it constantly seeks attention and looks for ways to further its existence, at any cost… in a sense it’s a survival mechanism of the finite mind.

Remember once a thought , image or perception is gone , the mind is gone. Between 2 thoughts there is only awareness or what Zen calls”No Mind “. This is why thoughts and thinking are always looking to for ways to survive at any cost.

However once you understand what we have talked about above and it becomes you actual experience, “Over Thinking ” fades away, it is eclipsed by the understanding that the “I ” , awareness, infinite consciousness is your true nature.

And your inner dialogue of thoughts and thinking will become a lot more peaceful , a lot less cluttered. There will be more clarity in thinking when you use the tool called the mind for everyday purposes. You will more easily tap into the collective mind to find solutions for your everyday challenges.

You will eliminate a lot of the unnecessary, mental and psychological suffering, which inevitably will work its way into physical suffering.

Because we all know that your physical reality experience is simply a reflection of what you most believe to be true.


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