Excitement is the driving force and the organizing principal of universe.
It’s pure physics, the way the universe works !

Do you know what gets you excited?
Is there anything you are excited about right now ?
Are you acting on your excitement each and every day ?

Surprisingly… many people would answer “No” to the questions above.

This causes much of the suffering, heart ache and confusion on this planet.

1. What is excitement ?

The energy and feeling we call excitement is your core vibration. It is higher self’s
way of alerting you, guiding you, towards that which allows you to experience
more and more of who and what you are. Excitement is your true north!

The reason something excites you is because it “Resonates With You” at your core level.
Remember the universe is Energy, Frequency and Vibration.

Each of us have our own unique frequency we operate at and when something excites us
we are actually tuning into that frequency much like a radio tunes into a particular station.

2. How can you tell if something is exciting.

When you are doing things that excite you, time will seem to pass very quickly.
You will be in the “Zone” so to speak, we all know what this feels like.
The reason time seems to pass quickly is because when you’re in the “Zone” you are
in the present moment , experiencing reality outside of time. Time is a mind created
construct. So in that sense you are no longer creating time!

Conversely if you are doing something you hate , time is created and time passes “Very” slowly !

This is the metric you can use if you do not know what excites you !
Becoming aware of what excites you will allow you to communicate more fully with your higher self.
Better communication with higher self will allow you more quickly manifest the reality you
prefer… the life you want to be living !

3. How does following your excitement organize the universe?

By following your excitement you are tuning into that frequency , that vibration, that energy
that resonates with you, just like tuning into a radio station that plays music you love !

Higher self uses this process to guide you , so you can “Feel” which direction, path or decision is the
right one for you. This will help you navigate physical reality like a compass needle guiding you to
your true north.

Remember higher self sits at the top of the mountain, it can see which roads to take , which turns
to make, which valleys to avoid… all you need to do is follow your excitement.

Because of this vantage point higher self can “Organize” your physical reality experience with situations and circumstances that are filled with synchronistic events which include people and places. You will begin to find that you are always in the right place , at the right moment and with the right people.

And because there really is only one thing , one consciousness, playing the part of the many , it works perfectly and seamlessly and with very little effort. It’s very natural and we are all doing it all the time.

However becoming “Consciously “ aware of how the process works and acting on it , will allow your life to become an ecstatic explosion of synchronicity , joy and abundance !

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