Apocalypse How : Vibration Creation


We hear a lot lately about vibration , and how raising your vibration is pivotal in growing and expanding as an individuated aspect of all that is , better know as the human being , or person.

Many of us want to become a better person , a better representation of our higher selves.

So what does that have to do with vibration, sound and frequency… everything …it’s the way the universe works.

There are some very simple experiments that anyone can do that will show how vibration effects creation.

There are many videos on You Tube like the one below where people are using vibration and sound to create patterns in sand which is placed on a flat surface.

It’s a simple experiment that anyone can do and it illustrates perfectly how increasing the frequency or vibration increases the complexity of the patterns.

Increasing complexity creates more complex systems , systems that have better structural integrity , systems that have a better chance of survival and a lower rate of entropy.

So think of your state of being as the vibrational frequency and the sand as the experiences you have in your day to day life, and you can start to see the correlation between vibration and manifestation.

If you are living with a lot of fear and negativity , you are at a low vibration , so just like the patterns in the sand are very simple at low frequencies ,in your life there will less complexity , less interconnectedness , less synchronicity , less manifestation.

Likewise if you are operating from love, empathy , understanding, forgiveness, these are all higher vibrational frequencies , unifying vibrations, which create more complex patterns, which in turn create more connections , more synchronicity , more manifestation of abundance.

As above so below , while the sand experiment is a very simplified version of creation , it is exactly how the process works through out the universe , what we call sacred geometry.

And of course this has an impact on your physical health and well being as well . A person who is operating at a higher vibration will be healthier becasue the body will holding its pattern ,will have greater structural integrity , which equates to better health .

This is where we get the phrase ” they were falling apart ” , when we talk about people who are in a state of depression or stress, which are manifestations of fear , which of course is a low vibrational state.

Conversely when we talk about a person who is positive , creative and loving, we refer to them as someone who is so “together” or someone who “has it all together”, these are metaphors we use to describe the very processes we see in the sand.

Think about this as you go through your day with all its challenges and interactions, especially in the next few years as we go through the birthing pains of the Apocalypse.




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