Ashayana Deane

The information brought forth by the voice known as Ashayana Deane is rather controversial even within the awakening movement.

Personally I found it to be fascinating because her work on Ascension Mechanics takes you into a realm that is on a cosmic level, so “Really Big ” Picture stuff.

There are some aspects of the information that could be interpreted as negative or fear based although that is only if you fear death.

When it comes to the whole Ascension concept , there are those that are aligned with the concept and those that are not as you would expect in a dualistic reality.

I don’t really think in those terms , I tend more towards expanding awareness then ascending higher, perhaps its the same thing from a greater perspective.

So have your grain of salt ready , and listen to this fascinating voice and don’t get caught up as to whether its wrong or right good or bad info , just listen and perhaps there will be something that resonates and something to learn.

If you truly live from infinite consciousness and not in fear , then there should be no reason any information threatens you or a belief system you have invested in.

So just view it as you would a movie or a good book , it’s all just entertainment and this is one “Big Story ” perhaps the biggest I have come across, its on a ” Cosmic Scale”.

Since this is a really unique discussion , I will allow comments and look forward to any feedback , please watch the whole 3 part series though first before commenting.

Check out the books below by Ashayana Deane !

Below is the Video that introduced me to Ashayana Deane , it’s an interview with Kerry from Project Camelot , its quite a long 3 part interview and packed with charts and information.

There are times this information will challenge your comprehension , which makes it so interesting. I actually plan on watching again when I have the time as only a fraction of the info has been processed.

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