Richard Hoagland

Main stream science and media would call Richard Hoagland a fringe thinker or even a conspiracy nut , which is the very reason I was attracted to his work.

Anytime the powers that be trash people for coming up with alternatives to the crap we have been taught I have to take a look and I am glad I did.

I’m not saying I believe everything he says ,but a lot of what he talks about in the field of Astro-Theology , The Secrete Space Program, and his general perspective on the nature of reality resonates a lot more than what we are told by academia, but of course that’s no surprise.

There any many bright people today exploring and looking for the missing pieces to the mysteries of the universe and we are in good company with Richard Hoagland around, and I enjoy listening to his ideas and theories based on his research.

There are many researchers and even main stream scientist coming up with the same or similar conclusions which lends credence to his work and make his interviews all the more interesting.

At this point in the game the key is to keep the process of exploration as open as possible , if the universe is infinite in its scope then so are the answers.

So check out some of his material and see what if anything resonate with you and see where it leads you.

Check out the books below by Richard Hoagland !

Richard Hoagland comments on the current madness in this new interview with RedIce

Here is a recent 2011 interview with Red ice Radio where Richard discusses the Black Space Program and Fukushima.

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