There is a lot of craziness in the world these days , just remember , everything in the world of illusion , in the mind created world is transient , it comes…. it goes, it is what it is , don’t get too caught up in it.

Don’t take life or  yourself too seriously , have some fun , while seeking the truth is well worth the effort , remember there is only one truth , and that’s your truth, so clap alone if happiness is your truth , clap alone if you feel that’s what you want to do !

I absolutely love this song from Pharrell Williams , it brings out the magic of simply being, no other people required to enjoy , no “things” required to inspire , so crank it up and feel it !

Because I’m Happy !!!



This  ” Free Energy ”  music video is the first release of ELEVATE’s  Solution Series  and is a great work of art and the perfect new addition to the Apocalypse Music section , it makes for an excellent educational tool as well as being inspirational .

Written and performed within the genre of rap , the lyrics ring true with a message that will give an aware observer goose bumps while listening.

It inspires us with a hopeful message of an awakening humanity that is becoming aware of the games being played on this planet by a small group of spiritually bankrupt  beings.

The level of positivity and understanding in the message of this song  suggests that we may be smart enough not to waste our energy trying to defeat the system  ,  instead we will completely eclipse it though the power of unity ,and create new systems by finding Solutions !

The lifting of the veil , that is the true Apocalypse !


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