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Maurice Cotterell author of Future Science  has been around for quite some time and is one of the few people out there actually  dispelling the myth of 2012 , calling it a scam and a distraction.

I would tend to agree that it is a distraction becasue it is simply a date in time , which is illusory to begin with from the perspective of infinite consciousness.

Now whether its a scam depends on an individuals persepctive ,  if you “believe” 2012 is going to be some pivotal moment or shift in evolution , or perhaps as some say the end of the world, then you may be setting yourself up for disappointment becasue you now have a vested interest in this 2012 belief system.

That being said it is difficult to escape belief systems entirely becasue on this planet we live in a reality built on these belief systems or root assumptions, or collective agreements , however you want to term it.

I would say If possible try and remain in an open , loving , from the heart,  state of being, as to what all this is about , and by “This”  I mean everything, all of it.

So have a  listen to this voice we call Maurice Cotterell and open your mind and see what he has to say , he is very familiar with the Mayan culture and  the Mayan Calendar , he just has a different take on it than say Ian Lungold or Carl Calleman.

Maurice  Cotterel has an engineering  background and has come up with some pretty interesting theories on the sun and the nature of reality in general, and attributes his discoveries to the fact that he is not part of main stream science and academia very much like Nassim Haramein another free wheeling , free thinking,  real scientist.

In other words Maurice  has no agenda or dogmatic belief system to defend , he doesn’t have to fear loss of tenure , or funding from universities. He can follow any path he so chooses in his exploration of all that is.

This has allowed him to look at the science of the sun and physics in general with a completely open mind  and allow the data to take him where ever it goes. They call this real science, real exploration , real discovery. Something the main stream academic community has lost becasue they are so concerned with keeping their jobs.

God forbid they ( Main stream academia ) wake up one morning to find out that the work they have been doing for the last 40 years was based on a false premise, no we cant have that so they continue their experiments with billion dollar super colliders looking for particles that don’t even exist.

Or even if they do find smaller and smaller particles what does that really tell them, other than wherever consciousnesses looks in expectation we find what we are looking for , so we are creating reality as we go, I could have told them them that and saved a few billion.

But you see that persepctive doesn’t employ millions of people , its like war , if we actually had peace millions would be out of work , not good for the globalist agenda, like wise if we actually realized that understanding the universe does not require spending billions then all the industry surrounding this endless search for the god particle would evaporate and fortunes would be lost.

It’s always about money here on planet earth , at least for now , and for those that worship it. And this is the basic mind set of Maurice Cotterel, he cuts through the absolute dogma that surrounds the scientific community.

Maurice says that we will never find the so called secretes to the universe with intellect, that can only take you so far and in most cases limits true knowing.

Its exciting to see a growing group of  voices out there, many with no technical expertise  or university background coming forward with some of the most inspiring glimpses into the nature of reality , becasue they have gone within, this is The Future Science .

Most are largely shunned by the main stream which is good , better that they are not poisoned by that form of limitation.

So open your mind and your heart and listen to one of these voices , let me introduce you to Maurice Cotterel.

Check out the books below by Maurice Cotterell !

Here is an intro to Future Science with Maurice Cotterel on Coast to Coast radio.

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