Ian Lungold

Ian Lungold’s work on the Mayan Calendar woke me up to the basic premise that the Mayan’s were actually documenting the evolution of consciousness with their calendar .

Ian Lungold with the help of Carl Calleman’s work have revealed some of the most fascinating research that exists with regard to the Mayan Calendar.

What I loved about their findings is that the whole story is about consciousness, which I feel is the only thing that truly exists and by its very nature is in constant evolution.

They also came to the conclusion as I have that we are heading into a new paradigm of unity consciousness , as part of this evolution.

The other notable difference between Ian Lungold’s and Carl Calleman’s work is that they both agree that the actual end of the calendar is in late 2011 , not 2012 like Hollywood and many other researchers have lead us to believe which does seem to resonate with me, but please research yourself and make your own conclusions.

Check out the books below by Ian Lungold !

Here is an excellent Ian Lungold video series covering essentially the same ground but still very interesting work well worth the watch.

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