Apocalypse How: Excitement Tool Kit


Excitement is our guide , it’s the way we navigate the universe , it’s how we “know” we are on the right path towards our highest joy.

We all have memories as a child of getting ” Really Excited ” about all manner of things , some of them materially oriented , such as train sets, bicycles, toys, candy , some of them more experience oriented like trips to the zoo, to the amusement park , fishing with Dad, or hanging out with Mom in the kitchen.

As we grow older , as layer upon layer of programming starts to cover up the the light, the  child like nature of who and what we are ,we all become somewhat jaded, some of us more than others , depending on our upbringing, our environment , and who we are, our core vibration as an entity.

However , we can ” all ” acknowledge that it’s the ” Excitement ” of something that drives us forward, it’s what propels us in a specific direction , in fact if we are not excited about something , we usually have no motivation to do it , to move towards it .

Which is why it’s so unfortunate how many people  will end up doing things , living lives,  that they are not at all excited about , in fact many people are living lives that could be described as almost robotic , with very little passion , simply working , eating and sleeping, and this is a very limited state of  “being” ,  of course it can can be changed if one chooses to go about the process of changing.

This is where it’s time to redefine who and what you are , and to really figure out what you highest joy even is, many people are so asleep , so dumbed down by the layers of programming , they don’t even know ” What They Are” , much less , what they want ,  they don’t even know what it is that brings them joy , they are so enveloped in the consensus reality and what is happening out there , and what other people are doing , all they can come up with is to try and emulate them , but that’s not really going to get them deep enough to figure out what drives them , what excites them.

So this is where you can learn to use excitement to your absolute benefit . You can start each and every day with the process of following your highest excitement. , and use the tools within excitement , use the inherent aspects  of excitement to become the driving force in your daily , moment by moment existence .

What are these aspects , what are these tools , that make up the excitement tool kit , we are talking about exhilaration , enthusiasm , elation all “feelings” that effect the physical body , which is a powerful transmitter receiver , and as higher mind steers us towards our excitement , we become animated  , eager , flush with anticipation for that thing , like a compass pointing to our true North ,  this is how higher self, higher mind can guide us , of course we have to act on our excitement to complete the circuit , to let higher self know that we are listening and willing and ready to “ACT ” !

And the more we “ACT ” on our excitement , the more higher mind can direct us towards more excitement ,  towards becoming more of who we are , towards manifesting our highest joys , towards manifesting abundance , towards creating synchronicity in every aspect of our lives so that we become Conscious Co creators , that are working  “with”  higher self  , with universe , not against it.

One of the most productive ways to follow your excitement and utilize the tools with the Excitement kit are as follows:

When you get up in the morning , ask your self , out of all of the choices you have of what you could do , what is the one that is the “Most” exciting , that you can “Actually ” act on at that moment . Then do that , with absolutely “NO EXPECTATION ” about the outcome.

Once you have done that , and you can act on it no more , pick the next thing and do it again , and again , and again ….This is how  acting on your highest excitement while remaining in the present moment will create  transformation in your life like you have never experienced , this is the ” NEW ”  way of  “Being Human” !


So Follow Your Excitement ! Loose control … don’t Hide It !!!



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