Apocalypse How: The Dark Night of Soul

We have all been there , well maybe not everybody , but those of us who have lived with our share of adversity , and challenges have faced ” The Dark Night of Soul ” , especially in these days of the Apocalypse , and that’s OK , it simply means all the lies , all the fears are surfacing , being dealt with… it’s part of the process.

They call it the dark night of soul I think becasue it “usually” hits you in the middle of the night , when your “trying” to sleep … LOL , … not so funny when it’s happening, but of course it can “happen” anytime , it’s just that during the day we can busy ourselves and we feel like we are being productive, we can act instead of think.

But once the days activities are over and we lay our heads down to rest , then it’s just you and your thoughts , your self created universe becomes even more real.

So when it happens , as your head explodes with all kinds of conflicting thoughts and emotion ,  just ask yourself , what is you worst nightmare , what is your greatest fear, and then give it to universe , give it to higher self , and say I can’t take this burden anymore, I don’t want it , and that no matter what happens in the physical world , “know” that its just a circumstance and we all know that ” Circumstances Don’t Matter ” , in other words circumstances don’t create matter , only “State of Being” Matters.

It’s your “State of Being ” that will determine what you experience , so in a sense the experience of what we call the dark night of soul is really being created by your state of being , by “you ” , becasue in reality , there is really no future to worry about and no past to have regrets over , Past and Future are illusions , they do not exist, and yet humans are constantly fretting over them !

So naturally the antidote so to speak for this this ” affliction ” will always be simply to shift , to shift out of that state of being , not always easy I understand , and Monkey mind doesn’t help the problem any , in fact Monkey Mind , Ego , Physical Mind is usually the cause of the malady, how do I know this , just follow the Monkey !

More often than not , dark night of soul experiences are usually based on Monkey Mind trying to figure out whats going to happen , so that it can know what to do , what actions to take , talk about the blind leading  the blind.

If your relying on Monkey Mind or Ego to be your guide , well than God Help you , your in for a rough ride , a ride filled with confusion , anxiety , anger and all manner of fear based emotions . Physical Mind , is an excellent tool , it serves many functions , but it has no idea what is going to happen , it can only perceive what is happening , so, for it to try and decide what to do based on what is happening right now in the moment is futile , which is why the madness will set in and the dark night of soul becomes entrenched for the night.

The best way to counter this state of being is surrender ! Just let it go , let go of all the baggage ,take a large dose of Fukitall , and let go of the expectations, and all of the beliefs and definitions that go with it , just wipe the slate clean , create a new space , you are never more free than when you have nothing to loose.

Use the power of paradox ,when you “Feel “you have no choice at all , it actually means you have all choices available!

When you create a space , a space that Higher mind can work with , you are giving higher mind the opportunity to do it’s job , just get out of the way and allow higher self to start the creation process at the template level reality , higher mind can see from the mountain top , it can see , based on your highest excitement , your highest joy,  how to get you to point A, B, C and beyond , why , becasue it is operating at a much higher frequency , it can play out all of the probabilities , and through excitement get you to act, to get you moving forward in the right direction , moment by moment .

The Cure :

There is of course a very simple cure for the “Dark Night Of Soul ” , and that is “Live In the Moment ” everything else is just a lie , which is why it has become a more prevalent ” Dis Ease ” these days , becasue we learning to live in the moment more and more , and this ” Dis Ease ” has no place in this new vibration this new frequency.

Remember , higher mind conceives , it comes up with the ideas , physical mind perceives , it has never had an “Idea” !!!   So when physical minds starts it crap , tell it to go sit in the corner , let it know you are now allowing the heart , and higher self to guide you.

The Dark Night of Soul is basically just an intense level of anxiety and  fear , perpetuated by Monkey Mind , trying to do something it was never designed to do.

When you get into this “state of being ” , one of the things you can do is simply acknowledge that you exist , and remember that you are existence itself, and that ultimately you are not subject to any “circumstances” , empirically any way , yes worse case you could die , but of course that is actually a good thing , it means your done , mission acconplished , back to your true , multi dimensional , more expanded self  .

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