Apocalypse How : Monkey Mind

Oh the Monkey mind !  Forever plotting and scheming about it’s next move, what shall I do , where shall I go , what will I do tomorrow, next week , next year , it never shuts up , it’s constantly  babbling on about something.

Left to its own demise, it usually ends up in state of fear , fear of rejection, fear of death, fear of lack of abundance , fear of the unknown, fear of being alone, fear of what others think .

So how can we tame the monkey mind, how can we get it to shut up !  Well many try to shut it up with drugs ,alcohol and  sex , all wonderful choices as long as they work , however they usually only offer temporary relief , a bad headache and  an expensive tab at the end of the night.

But seriously what can we do, how can we quiet the inner chatter ?  For some people there is no recognition they are even operating from ego , or physical mind, they are completely lost in there ego  identity , they walk around completely immersed in there character , often to the detriment of their peace, happiness, joy.

For many it’s about being right , at all costs !  That being said we can all empathize with this plight , it is part of the human condition ,  we all have days when it just seems like we can’t turn the monkey mind off, we can find no peace , and of course the modern day , highly materialistic , fear based ,  paradigm we have created only exacerbates the problem.

Even as you grow in awareness and expand your perception of reality , there are still days when you can be challenged by this wetiko like insanity , especially lately over the last couple years, it seems to come in cycles.

I’m not not going to play the victim hear , but it  seems that there may be energies flowing that do not necessarily originate from us , it’s like the collective is going through a mass drama together and each of us , no matter how positive we may be, get inundated with these energies , so it’s best to be aware this ,  it helps when riding out the storm.

The last week or so was a prime example of this energy , starting around April 11th, 12th , outwardly , world events were manifesting these energies , starting with the decline in Gold and Silver , then moving into the stock market , then the Boston bombings , and the Waco Explosion , each were like a release of this energetic maelstrom or turbulence in the matrix, and I’m not sure we are done quite yet .

This energy seems to really set monkey mind into over drive and there are some that would suggest this is purposely done by other beings, people, to distract , create fear, priming the pumps so to speak for easy manipulation of the masses.

One thing is for sure …during these periods of increased energy ,  it’s best to watch your state of being , if possible avoid getting into confrontation with your loved ones as they can be an easy target for your insanity, and of course they are likely feeling the same way to some degree, so it’s a recipe for disaster if you just let the monkey mind rule you.

If you ever feel the monkey mind taking hold , if you feel like circumstances are effecting your state of being, a good way to counter act this energy is through appreciation for what you have in this moment, surrender , allow yourself  to know you do not need or want to control anything, ,  and have compassion and forgiveness…. mostly for yourself !

And of course no offense to Monkeys here , it’s just a way to explore this idea. Here is funny entertaining video below about us Monkeys !

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