Apocalypse How: Love Based Being


When we talk about living from love, what do we really mean , love is just a word , and words can have more than one definition , and our definitions are based on our beliefs, so telling someone to just live from love is a bit vague for the average person.

I will do my best to describe some of what it means to me , and perhaps some of this will resonate with you and be useful in your day to day , moment by moment experience of this journey we call our lives.

The first thing we need to do is look at our definition of love , here we are talking about unconditional love , the type of love that allows expression of all things , and has no expectations, period !  This is at the core of love based being.

Doing the inner shadow work on ourselves , coming to terms with the darkness as well as the light within ourselves , as fractals of all that is , and finding balance between the two, this is the reason all masters teach the middle path, becasue its beyond duality, it’s where love resonates the strongest, and fear has no hold and the darkness can be dealt with , examined.

Love based being is about living in a larger reality , a reality beyond material consumption, beyond accomplishments , careers, and acquisition of wealth, life becomes  more joyful when there is  a balance between giving and receiving.

The key to living from love is all about intent, what are you motivations, love based being is not about manipulation of others no matter what you think is good for them !

When you are living from love, its more about being than doing, the doing will come as a by product of the being, when your state of being is in alignment with love , what you do in your life will not be ruled by what the consensus reality says you should be doing, and synchronicity will rule the day.

Love based being is about taking full responsibility for you thoughts , deeds and actions , yes it requires effort , yes it requires discipline , yes it requires an open heart , that allows source energy to flow through it , with out the filtering process of rigid belief systems.

Loved based being is about not projecting your fears, your negative beliefs and your wounds into the collective consciousness, that’s you inner work that needs to be dealt with , it’s why we are here.

Love based being is about stepping outside of the consensus reality , and becoming intimately aware of what you are .

Love based being is about doing the best job you can with what you have to work with , and being careful and thoughtful in your interaction with others , if you do this , no matter how mundane you might think your task may be , you are living from love.

We are in a sense spiritual animals, we eat , we drink , we mate, we live we die, but that is just one aspect of what we are, we need to look beyond the physical , we need to go deeper , always deeper to truly appreciate the larger reality.

Always remember we are Human Beings, human is simply an adjective, it describes the role that “being” is playing, so after the human animal dies , after the garments of physicality are tossed aside old and worn , the being continues on its journey , the being is love  , the being is all that is and ever will be.

We are love , and we are so loved that we are allowed all forms of expression, even if the expression involves thinking we are completely cut off from love, that’s how loved we are, so from this persepctive there really is no other state of being, all other states exist within love.


So,enough wordplay here , below is a great interview with Tom Campbell and Evita Ochel , having a great conversation that touches on many aspects of love based being. As Thomas is fond of saying , ” Love lowers Entropy , Fear raises Entropy “.


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