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Much of humanity individually and collectively is text book neurotic. It’s running rampant throughout society, we see it manifesting in individuals and global events.

Carl Jung’s definition fits perfectly: “People become neurotic when they content themselves with inadequate or wrong answers to the questions of life”.

All psychological suffering/Neurosis arises from the over identification with some thing. Whether that thing is money, relationships, your life situation etc. it makes no difference , they are all one and the same.

From the perspective of infinite consciousness the solution is quite simple, it’s to simply make a choice.

Are you going to allow circumstances to determine your state of being, or “acknowledge” that it’s actually your state of being that determines your circumstances. After all, that is our actual experience, regardless of what you may have been taught by society.

Every time you allow your state of being to be controlled by your circumstances, you are investing your source energy into a self perpetuating negative feedback loop.

Break the cycle, change the record, make a choice…Take a Chance.. you have nothing to loose and everything to gain !!!

Approach all circumstances in a positive way , and you will get a positive experience out of it , it’s pure physics!

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Knowing is something beyond a belief , knowing comes from direct personal experience. If someone tells you the stove is hot , don’t touch it , you can “believe” them  , although unless you touch it yourself , you don’t “really ” know that it will burn you.

Knowing is the by product self discovery , believing is the by product of indoctrination.  We are all born into this system of indoctrination , we call it our culture , however as Terence Mckenna once said “culture is not our friend”.

What Terence meat by that statement is that  culture is a program , a program designed to dis empower the human spirit , designed to keep us at base level of consciousness , designed to keep infinite consciousness  in a box.

This is why it is so important to utilize our discernment as we go through this process of waking up , we have been in a slumber , a waking dream and as we begin to open our eyes it is very challenging to “Know ” what is truth and what is manipulation.

Currently,  a large percentage of the population , or the collective , understand , at least subconsciously, that knowledge carries with it a personal responsibility , which is why all of the belief systems ( religion, new age, politics, science, military,education … )  on the planet are so successful , no one wants to take responsibility for themselves , they want to remain spiritual infants , because believing what others tell us is a hell of a lot easier , it requires absolutely no self discovery .
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There are many discussions about thinking positive , and how positive thoughts will create positive results in your life  , however I think there might be some confusion as to the difference between thoughts and beliefs , and ” if ”  there is any difference at all.

All I can do is speak for myself , how I would define thoughts versus Beliefs.  While I do believe that positive thoughts and positive thinking are beneficial I don’t “think” of thoughts as the same as beliefs  , to me they have some subtle differences.

I would define thoughts as simply motion and division, mind wandering, pondering , trying to figure it all out  , while beliefs would be more like a State of Being , a more solidified thought perhaps , a frozen thought,  a construct.

For example , during the day , we have all kinds of thoughts running through our heads , for me personally , I can have all kinds of thoughts both negative and positive oriented so to speak , but it does not mean I believe in them , or give them any real attention , they are just aspects of what I call monkey mind , the constant rambling of ego , always trying to figure it all out , what to do , when to do it , how to do it and so on.

Sometimes a thought , an annoying one , will stick its ugly little head up , and I know that I do not resonate with it , usually it’s some sort of limiting thought , so I just acknowledge it as a by product of the physical mind trying to do what it was not intended to do.

Physical mind does not have the ability to know what is going to happen , all it can ever truly know is what happened and what is happening , so in that sense it records experiences.
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What are your “Core Beliefs ” ?   I know …we talk ” a lot ”  about beliefs here at Apocalypse How, why … because they are at the core of what we will experience , no matter where you happen to find yourself , could be planet earth , or physical reality as we like to call it , or it could be in any dimension or state of existence for that matter .

We are always existing  , we will never not exist , so it’s probably a good idea to get the hang of navigating existence, that is once your done with being asleep and having amnesia about the nature of who and what you are , of course  if you want to keep sleeping , go ahead , there is no rush , you aren’t going anywhere, take as long as you like, go  have a nice juicy steak and wash it down with some blue pills , and lay your little head to rest.

However , if your bored with sleeping , there is a whole multiverse to explore within your self  , remember you are existence itself, you are all that is , so you don’t have to actually go anywhere to have some great adventures , it’s all happening within you.
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Dont Believe Anything , Believe Everything !

Unity consciousness is about inclusion , not exclusion , its about allowing everything expression.

So, when someone asks me what do I believe, I might tell them I don’t believe anything , or I can tell them I believe everything, either way it doesn’t really “matter”.

A belief is in a sense a limitation , granted we have to have some kind of beliefs , otherwise we could not have an experience at all , however if you limit yourself to a small set of beliefs , then your experience will be limited as well.

So the idea here is not that beliefs are good or bad, those are polarized concepts , it’s about living form the persepctive that everything is possible , not anything , but everything.

Some of course some will say that , not everything is possible , I can’t jump off a cliff and fly like a bird, and that is true within a very small fraction of reality , what we call the physical universe.
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As many during the Apocalypse have come to realize , physicality is a construct , a type of illusion or dream if you will.

It is ” one type of experience ” that we as source consciousness have created , so that we can participate in a co creative experience.

That’s it , nothing more nothing less, it is what it is. We go through the illusion of living , dying and everything in between, and when these momentary flashes of brilliance and creation end , what we call death , we transition back towards what we are , which is infinite source consciousness.

What we call death is simply leaving this dream state we call life, this slower vibrationally frequency , and transitioning back to a higher vibrational frequency , a type of trip or adventure , which allows us to experience more of who and what we are.

We lose nothing , everything we experience enriches us further, allows greater expansion ,as we participate in the creation of the cosmos. This is how the cosmos can know “itself”.

We are not saying that life on earth is not real, not precious , not a wonderful type of experience, its real , its as real as anything is “Real”.

However , from a greater perspective , the only thing that is real is consciousness itself, every ” thing ” is within “all that is” , nothing is outside of “It” , therefor it stands to reason that everything within ” it ” is temporary, going through a constant process of creation and destruction , like a sine wave , this is the nature of nature .
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If we are talking about belief systems , I would say my personal belief system, is not to allow belief systems in general, to place limitations on me in anyway.

You see, its not about, not believing in belief systems , becasue that in itself is simply another belief system , its realizing that belief systems in and of themselves are not what “we” are.

We as Consciousness ,or being , are not a belief system , we simply are , all that is, and ever will be.

As infinite consciousness we create belief systems , they are within all that is , we are, ultimately, from a greater perspective, not subject to them, they are subject to us , in effect as creators we create them as tools so to speak.

We use belief systems so that we can have an infinite variety of experiences in the multiverse , which is our playground, it is how the cosmos can know it self.

So its not about belief systems being bad or good, those are polarized concepts. As we move into unity consciousness during the Apocalypse , we can see beyond good or bad and beyond belief systems.

As we expand our awareness we begin to see that our beliefs or definitions of things are directly related to our outer experience in what we call physicality.

The moment we change our definitions of “Things”, we are instantly recreating ourselves , we are not the same vibrationally.

The moment we change our vibrational frequency , we can then experience a different version of reality , we can shift to a version of reality that is now in alignment with our expanded definitions.

Belief systems are simply types of programs, based on agreed upon root assumptions by the collective, for a type of experience.

So just remember that you can shift to different belief systems, different collectives, different versions of realities, becasue you , us , we , are not subject to them.

They are all collectively within us. There is no out there.

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