Sustainability off the grid is at the heart of the prepping movement , and there are many technologies that incorporate what I call High Tech Low Tech that can be implemented to enjoy a life style that is not only sustainable but allows you to lower your cost of living.

I created “The Preppers” section here at Apocalypse How to share with you ideas and “Solutions” to the most common survival concerns when it comes to living on planet earth , these will be things I have personally tried or implemented to gain experience for myself in becoming  not only more sustainable , but more self reliant.

With winter approaching one of the most important things you want to have ready in northern climates ( and elsewhere with the strange weather patterns recently) ,  is a way to heat your home , with the price of fuel and electricity constantly on the rise , more and more people are looking for alternative ways to heat their homes , and this is ” my story” .

Last year, deep in the heart of winter my heat pump failed and while it was incredibly annoying ,  it wasn’t exactly catastrophic , the first is because  I live in a fairly temperate climate up on the coast  in the Pacific Northwest , so it doesn’t get that cold , but you definitely want heat to be comfortable … and for the women folk to be happy…” Very Important ”  for survival !

The second reason is that my furnace was still working so I could use what is called the  ” Emergency Heat ” setting , this is normally good for a couple days , but our heat pump was toast , so we ran on emergency mode for over 3 months, not only was the furnace constantly running because it was so inefficient , the electric bill went through the roof  even more so than usual for winter months… and we were still cold.

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