Virtual Reality Part 2.

So in part 2 of  this discussion , the question is how does understanding the virtual nature of reality help us in our day to day existence, in our interaction with others , like family , friends , and co workers, what is the practical application.

We know that taking action is the most important aspect of the awakening process , utilizing what we are learning to bring more love or unity into the system , or simulation , this helps to add stability , which lowers entropy and increases a system’s integrity, which allows for more growth , and so on , its a self learning feedback loop.

So the practical application is growth, and with growth there is greater understanding, awareness, and self empowerment.

Knowing from the heart that this reality we find ourselves in,  here on earth , or any reality we happen to be experiencing for that matter , is just a subset of a greater reality, or a “Virtual Reality ” , this is the key that will  unlock the doors to greater understanding!

For example, when your dreaming , and totally immersed in that dream , that reality seems real , so at that moment , that’s your De facto , physical reality , or if you are traveling out of body , or having a lucid inner experience ,  or any number of other types of profound experiences possible within  “all that is”

Where ever consciousness is focusing its awareness  for a type of experience , that is what we will perceive as “Reality”.  It’s a bit like changing channels on your TV  , you simply tune into another frequency , each with its on set of root assumptions or laws of nature, the rules makes it fun, challenging, which is a catalyst for learning experiences.

Knowing this from your heart will have an extraordinary impact on your daily life , once you truly know and live from this perspective, all bets are off, the rules of each reality, each simulation , while they still apply , will have less impact in limiting your experience and synchronicity will flow in all aspects of what we call our “Lives”.

For example when you go out into the world each day , knowing that your life is part of grand web of of interconnectedness , an incredible game that you chose to play ,this will have a dramatic effect on how you deal with people .

It has the effect of bringing  out your empathy and compassion for others , you  no longer judge them , or see them as rivals , enemies or friends, they are all simply “others”  , playing the game, each with their own part to play, and their own talents and attributes, faults and fears, their Avatars .

And you realize many are not even aware they are playing a game , most believe that everything around them is the one true reality , and that’s OK, that is the nature of the game , it is very good at deceiving , it convinces the infinite that it is finite , it’s beautiful and makes for one hell of a ride !

This perspective also helps you become more appreciative of what you have, of the experience itself, because ultimately that’s all that we take away from this game, is our experiences, you can’t take it with you as they say , so amassing great fortunes and wealth can be part of the game ,but they don’t necessarily mean that your “experience” will be ‘Richer”.

So from this perspective, there isn’t so much concern about accomplishments, or what you should be doing with your life, it’s more about your state of being, no matter what the circumstances.

When we say only state of being matters , we mean that mastering your state of being, allows you to perceive the data from any virtual reality in the context that “you ” choose, this is real freedom, your no longer a slave to your beliefs , your definitions of things, becasue these will determine your “Experiences”.

So once you get to this stage of perception  , you realize that the only thing that is real , empirically, is your experiences. The “Reality”  that you have these experiences  in , is really just a stage, a prop, a station you have tuned into for a type of programming experience.

So all above said, it does not mean that life here on earth is just an illusion , or is not important , or that we should not revel in it’s beauty , there are no negative connotations meant here, it simply means that there is more , so much more to what and who we are , and the way the universe works.

And the the Virtual Reality concept is one way to explore this idea, one type of metaphor to use to aide us in having a discussion about something that is nearly impossible to put into words, but words are  all we have to work with here in physicality, that is part of the limitation.

So , no matter where you find yourself  , having an experience , remember location , location , location , doesn’t matter , it’s the experience, and your interpretation that matter,  reality is subjective.

Which is why knowing this , and cleaning your inner house of all of your garbage beliefs will serve you well in your journey towards greater expansion and empowerment !

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