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Do you want to be right or happy ?  This is a question I ask myself on a daily basis.  At any given moment throughout the day we are faced with choices , whether to do this or that.

How do we know what the “Right ” decision is ?   Well from a greater perspective of course there is no right or wrong decision, its simply a different path , a different expression , we will all get there , so it doesn’t really matter.

However there is way to shorten the path so to speak , to mitigate the negative types of experiences that we do not want to have in our life , and I have found that choosing to be happy over being right is usually the ticket .

There have many instances that  I can think of where I may have actually been right , but after choosing that path , I was not happy , and it did not bring me joy or abundance.

This is yet another  practical application to the awakening process, that allows you to move into a more synchronistic experience of  what we call physicality.

Most of us want joy , happiness , abundance in our lives , and this is the key to manifesting those things in your daily life.  So ask yourself do you wan to be right or happy.

It has been my experience that many times we are our own worst enemy , we get in the way of ourselves. I have come to the conclusion that its a matter of letting go of ego or the mind’s desire to be in control of every situation that is really at the root of this.
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The hell with Lucid Dreaming , how about Lucid Living !  Here is yet another  Practical Application To Awakening , to redefining who and what you ” believe ” you are.

What we call Physical Existence is just as valid as any other construct… it is not something that we must ascend away from , and from a greater perspective we are already ascended , we are already all that is and ever will , physicality is simply another medium to explore , to give us certain types of experiences , and depending on “your” definitions, can be “experienced”  as a type of dream.

If you can begin to “define” your so called “waking life” as a type of Lucid Dream , where you can create and “conjure” up with your intent what you want to experience ,well then , from this persepctive you become “lucid in your life”.

“Knowing” that you are the center of your own universe ,”Knowing” that universe will support you in every way , synchronicity , joy and abundance are by products of this “State Of Being , and you will slowly learn to remain in that State of Being no matter “where” you happen to be exploring, whether it’s physicality, non physicality or anything in between.
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The Larger Consciousness System , or LCS is another great way to describe , to define,  the concept of “All that Is ” or Infinite consciousness.

The Larger Consciousness system , could also be described as “The Singularity” , or “First Source”.  There are many words we can use, but I have to say after hearing this term used by Thomas Campbell , I really like it for its “Universal” connotation and appeal.

It is my feeling , along with many others,  that consciousness is really the only true “Substance” if you will , of the universe, it’s data , or information, a manifestation of source energy, or “Being”.

Of course the “Matrix” Movies were a brilliant metaphor for this way of thinking.  And just like in the Matrix Movies once you understand this from a sate of “being” of “Knowing”  , your experience of physicality or the Matrix is dramatically altered , for the better I would argue, becasue it allows you to navigate the various virtual realities. It’s kind of like having the cheat codes for a video game really.

When you start to see things form the perspective of the Larger Consciousness System you are essentially processing the data  from a state of unity , as opposed to being polarized.  For example instead of being a left brained person , or a right brain person, you are a whole brain person, which is better for you more healthy , kind of like Whole grain breads, silly I know , I couldn’t help it though .

So the idea is that you can  be logical and highly intuitive at the same time, the two are not mutually exclusive and in fact when used in unison , you can maximize your experience in physical reality so that you get much more out of the experience of  Being “Human”

Within the Larger Consciousness System, there are an infinite variety of smaller systems , one of these smaller systems we will call physical reality , a construct , that is held together by a set of root assumptions , agreed upon by a collective for a type of experience, these root assumptions are also called the “Laws Of Nature” by science.
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7 billion realites


Ever wonder why the world is so insane ? Well consider this , each human being is a separate state of “being”, each of us have a unique perspective, and so in that sense , we are each a completely unique and separate parallel universe.

So no wonder the world is crazy , we have 7 billion parallel realities in a constant state of flux, interacting with each other, and in many cases some trying to control the outcome of others…it’s a free for all , welcome to the show !

You see … consciousness has these reality agreements set up , as collectives and as individuals, of course from a greater persepctive there really is only one consciousness , one being , but that was kind of boring so we fractured the one …into the many, and that’s when  things got really interesting.

So here we are , the human race, a collective of 7 billion perspectives  , the great experiment , where 7 billion realities (known as human beings  collide into one massive mind created experience , and here is the kicker , because each of us are a separate reality every other being we experience, whether it s a family member , spouse, friend or someone on the street, they are really just a version that we create of them.
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Energy Flows Where Consciousness Goes !  Energy Flows Where Consciousness Goes !  This is a useful mantra to remember as you go about your daily routines.

This is a practical way to apply your new found awareness as you awaken to the larger reality that we are an integral part of, this is what the Apocalypse is all about , its another way to redefine who and what we are.

The idea behind this mantra is that what you experience in your life is directly related to what you “believe” to be true. Change your beliefs and you change your life, your experiences.

As consciousness we have the ability to create templates of what we would like to be , what we would like to experience. From a greater perspective , the “human” being and all of the physical universe is a template created by the larger consciousness system for a type of experience .
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Applying what we learn in this awakening process,  to our daily lives,  is the key to what I call completing the circuit. And completing the circuit is essentially maintaining  a balance  between input and output.

It’s about fine tuning your state of being ,which allows you to become a super resonate transmitter / receiver, bringing unified source energy into this polarized reality we call planet earth.

Fine tuning is a process that requires us to do the shadow work on ourselves so that we no longer blame outer circumstances , and we understand that belief systems are just ways to filter reality, we understand that our definitions color our experiences and we learn we can define things any way we choose.

If you still feel you are a victim in all of this , then there is not much  you can do to help anyone else , more work needs to be done, on yourself,  this not about fixing others, its about being authentic and honest with yourself, its about going inward and taking a hard look at how you are defining , filtering reality , and looking at your belief systems to see if they are serving you or someone else.

When we free ourselves , from the old constructs, the old ways of being that are crumbling before us, we become better conduits for source energy , and we allow a balance of input and out put to take place , and in doing so  the human body , mind , and spirit, will all benefit and blossom,  full of health and vitality and infinite abundance , of all things, not just material wealth.

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