Apocalypse How : Lucid Living

The hell with Lucid Dreaming , how about Lucid Living !¬† Here is yet another¬† Practical Application To Awakening , to redefining who and what you ” believe ” you are.

What we call Physical Existence is just as valid as any other construct… it is not something that we must ascend away from , and from a greater perspective we are already ascended , we are already all that is and ever will , physicality is simply another medium to explore , to give us certain types of experiences , and depending on “your” definitions, can be “experienced”¬† as a type of dream.

If you can begin to “define” your so called “waking life” as a type of Lucid Dream , where you can create and “conjure” up with your intent what you want to experience ,well then , from this persepctive you become “lucid in your life”.

“Knowing” that you are the center of your own universe ,”Knowing” that universe will support you in every way , synchronicity , joy and abundance are by products of this “State Of Being , and you will slowly learn to remain in that State of Being no matter “where” you happen to be exploring, whether it’s physicality, non physicality or anything in between.

Through this process you cam more easily shift yourself vibrationally through the many layers of realities and dimensions that make up the sea of probability , the unified field that we are in and part of .

The idea that we are each a universe , and that nothing is empirically “real” or “not real” is not a new idea by any means, this has been the main theme if you will for many thinkers , philosophers , and schools of thought.

The reason, is becasue it’s the nature of reality, the nature of nature , it is what we are , we are consciousness, individuated and collective , the micro and the macro, the observer and the observed.

Yes … we are both a spec on a planet in the universe and the universe. there is no place we end and no place we begin.

There is a technique to help induce more Lucid Dreaming at night while we sleep , and it is simply to acknowledge that life is also a type of dream , in doing so you no longer make any distinction between the two states of being, both are equally as valid , both are in the same now moment, making it easier to become awake in your dreams.

The key is to become a awake in your dreams , and to dream while your awake !

There really is no “Out There ” all prisons are self created … it’s your universe …what do you want it to be !

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