Apocalypse How: Experience Versus Perception


Experience Versus Perception , a rambling exploration of words and their meanings .

Perception acts like a filter , through which we manifest our outer world , and our perception is colored by our beliefs and definitions , so our perception  to some degree determines what we experience , no matter what experiential realities we find our selves in , whether its physical reality , non physical , quasi physical or anything in between.

Experience is the same as knowledge , it has its roots in the past , so anything we call knowledge is experience , and both have already happened .

So perception is first , it  determines what we experience , so one could say perception is happening in the present moment creating the template for the next experience , or perhaps a more accurate way of describing it is , perception is not unlike our resonance, our vibratory frequency , which determines , what version of reality we experience , in the near infinite choices that are available within all that is . As we shift from reality to reality , our perception actually steers us towards the realities our perception is most in resonance with.

So by changing our perception , which one might say  is a by product of our beliefs and definitions , we can change which reality we experience, so in that sense , again perception has to occur before  anything can even be experienced

Perception is creating a bow wave of experience in front of it , change the perception and you change the wave characteristics , the experience.

And when I say in front of , its just an illustration , they are both happening nearly simultaneously, which is why if you can become truly present , you have no perceptions at all , which puts less limitation on what you can experience, then you are simply witnessing whatever comes into the field of presence, with no connotations , no judgement , no expectations.

Another way to explore this  might be to say that if your beliefs and definitions are negative , and they do not serve you , then it is likely you will perceive the world in a negative way , meaning you will experience lots of negativity in your daily affairs , in  all of the plots and dramas , as you play your role, as you act out your story, as you participate in the collective dream, of course the opposite is true if your beliefs are positive and supportive.

This is why , as we become more present in our daily lives, as we follow our excitement with no expectation , we are making head way in the right direction towards enhancing , or cleaning up our perception , because most people’s beliefs definitions and ultimately perceptions  are fairly limiting , its the human condition , its a side effect from the over identification with the mind created reality we find ourselves in and the lifelong indoctrination we are subjected to in the fun house called planet earth.

There is nothing wrong with perceiving reality in a certain way , as long as it serves you in a positive way, and you have a knowing that ultimately your perceptions are not who you are, just like your thoughts are not who you are , they are simply programs.

Perhaps using the analogy of a prism.     In this case Perception is the prism , or filter. The light shining through the prism is source consciousness, the witnessing presence  , and the colors that we see are experience.

When we say , “you cannot perceive that which we are not the vibration of ” , it simply means we cannot experience circumstances that are not in alignment with our beliefs and our definitions.

If we have beliefs and definitions that say we will always be poor, we can never experience abundance . Like the Indians who could not perceive the ships that sailed into the harbor , becasue they had no beliefs or definitions to frame reference points .

Ok… enough rambling , back to presence , where none of this really…Matters!

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