Apocalypse How: The Witnessing Presence



WE … are the witnessing presence !  That is the best definition , the cleanest definition , with the least connotations that we can use to describe …what we are !

From this perspective , within present moment awareness we can navigate the Apocalypse with greater ease , discernment and power !

There is so much information coming to us , about who we are , where we came from , where we are going . At some point it becomes very difficult to know what is real and what is not.

At some point it actually becomes …irrelevant !  The witnessing presence starts to see all of our external and internal experiences as simply the content  that … presence … witnesses.

Presence itself is the quiet stillness, the unchanging source from which all content springs forth. Knowing this , is of great importance right now , your ability to stay present and focused with an uncluttered mind ,present  inside the body , will be of great help during times of adversity .

When you start to perceive yourself as the witnessing presence , not your persona, not your life situations , you have started the process of living life in a completely different way , an incredibly… empowered way !

Life becomes … Yes instead of No !  Synchronicity and abundance return effortlessly in our lives as we realize we have become our own worst enemy and if we simply get out of the way of ourselves , if we simply allow life to unfold instead of trying to control everything,  our highest joys can and will manifest as universe “always” supports us.

As the witnessing presence past and future are no longer valid , they are seen for what they truly are, mind created constructs .

While playing the role of a physical being , presence understands that it will be “playing with”  certain aspects of this virtual  reality , and it will in a practical sense, still use “time” …  make plans , go to work , got to the store , meet someone for lunch , pay bills , drive cars , go on dates , live and die … yet … when viewed from the present , these things all become secondary to awareness itself .

When you are no longer controlled by your thoughts , your old patterns , the broken record is discarded and you no longer have the need to attached yourself to things, thoughts , feelings , you are ready to …Fly!



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