Apocalypse How: The Message is ... Stay Present !



The message , whats is the message , I am getting !  Stay Present! Stay Present! Stay Present!   When asked recently what is the most important thing I have learned to date , during my personal and collective awakening process ,  the answer…Stay Present!

If asked that question a couple years ago  I might have talked about , esoteric things, how the world really works ,secrete societies, the false left right political system, the Archons, Extraterrestrial or multidimensional beings, belief systems , crop circles, and on and on , the wilderness of materialism , the world of form is an endless diversion from …presence.

Within this present moment we are all experiencing what it is to be a human being. We are all trying to figure it out , what that means , what are human beings, why are we hear , what is our purpose.

There is a seemingly infinite amount of data on the subject, going back thousands of years , and yet all of that data, all of that information , all of that knowledge is from our individual and collective experiences, which are all rooted in the past.

And yet all that we have is the present moment !  And in the present moment we let all of that baggage rob us… of …the present moment !

Everywhere around me I see the human race locked in this perpetual dream , individuals trapped in their life stories , self created prisons …what is the answer , how can we break free of the conditioning , how can we overcome our fears , how can we be free !

Only one way that I can see …stay present !  Everything outside of presence leads to suffering !   The grand experiment , what we call human beings , human consciousness , forgetting our true nature , believing we are limited is ending for those who are done with the experiment.

Many of us are starting to feel a sense of detachment from the dream, it is getting more difficult to go back to the old patterns the old vibrations that no longer serve us.

The greatest challenge for many of us is to hold onto that vibration regardless of what the outer circumstances look like , this is one of the differences between physical and non physical reality.

In non physical reality manifesting is nearly instantaneous , like in a lucid dream where you imagine a world of your dreams or nightmare and it immediate renders itself all around you , however in physical reality , where the vibration is much slower, manifesting is much slower.

This is where many of us stumble , especially now as many of us are experiencing time speeding up , as everything comes into the present moment , we intuitively know time is illusory , yet we still dwell in this construct where manifestation is slower.

We know what we prefer now , we know the reality we want to manifest for ourselves and the world collectively , and we know we simply need to hold that vibration and universe will support us , it will mirror our state of being.

So hold that vibration , with no expectation , do what excites you and …stay present.  When the mind wanders and starts to play the broken record , when that old pattern returns … don’t let it carry you away …stay present !

Bring yourself back into your body , feel the aliveness of your body, see the beauty  in the simplest of things , don’t let the old patterns rob you of …the present moment!

This is the message , The Greatest Gift you can give anyone around you , is to remain in the present moment …in the present moment there is no judgment … of others or yourself , you are free and you allow others freedom !
















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