Apocalypse How: Present Moment Awareness


Present Moment Awareness is where it’s at baby !   Don’t let any one tell you differently , they are just trying to suck you into the past or future , which is where the scared little ego is running around trying to make a life for itself .

Present Moment Awareness is about living in the moment , in a state of no mind , Zen like , yet still managing to keep the mind in a holding pattern so to speak .

Your mind is a useful tool no doubt about it , and you can learn to use it “just”  when you need it , no sooner , no later, you keep it on short leash , so it doesn’t go off on tangents.

You see there is a real addiction to thinking , in fact thinking is probably the most wide spread addition on the planet . Perhaps I’m being a little bit silly here , but not really  , yes there is constructive thinking , analytical thinking , all types of thinking that are useful in the creation process.

However much of the thinking going in peoples minds is not constructive at all , in fact it’s counter productive , because most of it is negative or dis empowering , all these old programs running  in the back ground , much of it is from the conditioning we get from  society or the group mind , there not even our own original thoughts … ouch !

There is a “Direct’ correlation between present moment awareness and the way your life flows, we have all heard the phrase, “We Are Our Own Worst Enemy , this is what we are talking about , the more present you become , the more presence you become , the less effected you are by all the old baggage and programming.

While this idea is not new by any stretch ,those of us that are on a path of growth and expansion , it is becoming absolutely the most important thing we can learn  to stay … sane … especially now,  circa 2014 , when everything just seems crazy out there!

Which is probably why I have stayed so focused on this topic for the last few weeks,  it is so resonate in my own personal life as I’m sure it is with others , we are experiencing such dramatic changes on this planet that there is so much uncertainty , no one knows what the hell to do , we are in uncharted waters .

Much of the uncertainty is economic related of course as it tends to rule over our lives here in the western world , we are a society based on materialism, and as the current economic systems collapse there is a tendency to become anxious , not knowing exactly what the answer or path is moving forward.

This is where I am finding Present Moment Awareness very Helpful !  By staying present , not allowing the conditioned mind to rule me , not over identifying with my role , my story , my life situations , I have found it much easier to maintained a balanced , positive state of being.

I have even noticed , as everyone does who practices being present , that only when I am present ,  in a state of presence will helpful solutions,  ideas and inspirations come to me that can be implemented ,  brought into action,  things that will bring abundance and a feeling of peace connectedness and empowerment , which are much needed in these times , this is the practical application here there is a rewiring going on ..and it is helping !

Conversely … when the mind is allowed to wander , and go off on tangents, it starts worrying about the future , and  fretting about what should have been done in the past , which of course creates fear , which lowers your vibration , and completely removes you from the present moment … the only place you will “ever” find the solutions !

So … after much attention has been put on the present moment , and less on the conditioned mind , I feel I have shifted dramatically , I feel lighter , freer, more empowered and ready for anything !




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