Apocalypse How: Big Daddy 2012 Presidential Elections

One of the most important questions we should be asking ourselves in the awakening process is,  why do so many humans  need Big Daddy.

More commonly known as authority figures, the so called leaders of Government , Religions , Politicians, Doctors, Lawyers, Law Enforcement and the list goes on of power hungry entities.

For many of us that have never voted, have never idolized other beings of any kind , it’s a difficult concept to even comprehend, however for a large part of society , the question must be asked , of course the answer is complicated , its not black and white , it never is, universe is grey , always changing, expanding.

My perspective on all of this is not Anti Government , Anti Social, Anti Religion or anti anything for that matter, those are polarized ways of looking at this reality , this virtual simulation , this game we have running here. I am simply looking at things form out side the game board, high above it , looking at all the pieces, wondering , why anyone is even playing the game of politics.

So of course from this persepctive I see absolutely no point in participating in things like politics, it doesn’t serve me , it doesn’t serve anyone that I know or love, it doesn’t serve mother earth, in fact it’s just the opposite , this construct we call politics does quite the opposite , not only does it not serve our best interests, it works to dis empower  humanity, and consolidate  power into the hands of  the very few, it polarizes and is fear based.

So why on earth are there so many willing participants, so many people,  willing to bow before “Big Daddy” ?  Mostly its due of course to indoctrination, the process that goes on from cradle to grave here on this planet. From our education systems, to our court systems , TV programming, Movies, all aspects of society are geared towards brainwashing us into believing in “Authority”.

It may even be at a genetic level , becasue even those of us that are wide awake , still get butterflies in our stomach when a police car shows up in our rear view mirror even though we  “know” we have done nothing wrong , its a gut reaction a physical reaction, what are we afraid of,  it’s Authority,  Big Daddy !

And this is perhaps the greatest challenge we face if we are to evolve beyond the need for “Big Daddy”. We literately have to remove the old programming that has been running for thousands of years, not a simple task , bet definitely worth the undertaking , as it will lead to greater freedom , greater understanding, more joy , more self empowerment.

Deleting the Big Daddy Construct , will be better for the earth , the environment , humanity , individuated consciousness as well as the Larger consciousness system, becasue it will allow more love , more unity to flow into this game we have running here, , the Big Daddy system is a fear based construct  , so it is doomed anyway , we might as well hurry it along.

So as you drive by all the election signs posted along the side of the road, as you watch people line up to vote for their “Big Daddy ” , just keep driving , don’t stop , don’t look back,  don’t participate, you do not want to encourage them any more.

And as more people awaken , and more people take back their personal sovereignty,   the voter lines will dwindle ,  the voting public will slowly see the illusion behind the false left right paradigm, the political theater, the illusion of choice.

And yet another construct will fall to the ground ,just like our financial system, no longer useful , no longer serving us, lacking integrity , and we will take another step in the right direction.

It will take time however , how long , who knows, decades perhaps , maybe even longer, it really depends entirely on how long the collective continues to support it , all we can do as individuals is stop supporting it , stop ” Believing'”  in it !

This is the practical application, the action we can take , don’t participate, yes you can steer others in the right direction who are  questioning, however I would not waste energy on those who still believe the president is the leader of the free world and other such non nonsensical ideas.

Those people need to ask themselves why do they need a leader in their life, are they lost, where are they going.

How about they live their lives, take responsibility for their thoughts,  deeds and actions,  and become leaders , leaders of themselves ,and  let everyone else do the same.

Now that would be an interesting world , my kind of world , my kind of game , my kind of simulation, is that going to happen , I don’t know , perhaps , eventually, either way I know where I stand , and that’s all that really “Matters” !

In the video below Larken Rose quite brilliantly  articulates this strange belief much of society has in Big Daddy , a video not really meant for most of us that are awake ,however it still resonates , and we are all culpable on some levels, we are all still participating at some level , this is the challenge, the insanity , also known as life on planet earth, welcome to the “Game”.

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