December 21st 2012 or simply Friday !

Well here it is the December 21st 2012 , or more commonly known as Friday. I took the day off to enjoy the end of the world and I have to admit its all a bit anti climatic.

Well Gerald looks like you can come down from the mountain , perhaps find another date for the ending of the world and cataclysms , I don’t mean to pick on Gerald , he just happens tot be the poster child for the type of fear mongering that has grown so popular these days.

He’s just trying to make a living , although I’m sure he will be having a big sale on all DVD’s , and I’m sure big discounts will be available on all the underground bunkers around the world.

For many of us , 2012 has simply been a year that we make a shift , we are exiting the Kali yuga , or dark age and working our way back towards the light, its simply part of the cycle of consciousness itself, form darkness to light, and back again.

These long cycles take consciousnesses on a journey , that allows for the exploration of all types of experiences, we can play the villain or the saint , this is the purpose , it’s just like the seasons on earth, as above so below, there is never anything to fear, survival is never an issue , it is simply a classroom.

Have a wonderful Holiday season and look forward to 2013, and in the spirit of defining things so that they serve us in a more beneficial way , lets all define the number 13 as a “Lucky ” number !

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