Religion is perhaps the greatest illusion of all times and is certainly one the most powerful tools for control over the human beings on this planet.

I know that statement will ruffle the feathers of  billions of followers world wide and I am not asking anyone to agree with it , I am simply sharing my own persepctive.

Although if you think about it religion is pretty nonsensical. God is all powerful yet he always needs more money. God will smite you becasue he loves you . God is a single father and the nonsense goes on and on.

And the non stop killing of people in the name of god is proof enough to me that something is amiss. Last time I checked Thall Shall not Kill was one of the main commandments, yet on a planet with billions of religious people all we seem to be doing is killing each other and mother earth as well. What the…Hell ?

The general consensus of those that are awakening is that religion is indeed part of the control grid. That being said there are aspects of religion that are positive and it can be a starting point for those seeking to expand their awareness to a reality beyond physicality.

The problem is that religion has more to do with dogma and limitations than the expansion of consciousness which is not the direction we need to be going in if we are to move forward in our evolution.

One of the main aspects of religion is that “God” is something outside of ourselves , that we and god are separate. And this plays in to peoples desire to shed their responsibility, they can blame it on god. This is probably why religion is so incredibly popular on this planet.

Most people do not want the responsibility of being authentic , they don’t want to be sovereign beings , and this is why we have so many sheeple on the planet. The paradigm that exists currently on this planet in incredibly fertile ground for this type of consciousness.

So the “God Concept ” Was created to fill this need , a crutch if you will that does take away the responsibility, but it also takes away the growth and freedom. In the most real sense religion actually takes power away from you more so than actually empowering you. And like most of the control grids in place , that is the purpose.

And when we talk about taking responsibility of our own existence , I am not talking about control , taking responsibility is not about being in control of anything or anyone. Its about taking the responsibility in expanding your awareness to the point you realize you have no control and you surrender to higher self .

How do you put limitation on beings such as our self , how do you convince them that they are separate from creation and the rest of the universe, how do you get them to forget their own nature. Religious indoctrination!

Most of us that have gone through the process of cleaning our internal house come to the realization that consciousness , god, universe , what ever you want to call that which is ” Being ” is all there is and all realities,  physical or otherwise are a manifestation of consciousness.

Consciousness  manipulates energy to create matter , matter does not create consciousness. And we are consciousness, we are god if you will , although I know that statement will ruffle the feathers of many as well. Which is why I seldom use the term “god” to describe all that is.   The word “God” has too many religious connotations for my liking.

After all it’s just a word, to me the word “God”  is nothing more than “Dog” spelled back words.

This persepctive works for me , as it allows for limitless expansion and exploration. I find that the less belief systems you have the less limitations you have.  In an infinite universe all things are allowed expression.

So I’m not saying religion is good or bad, those are dualistic concepts ,it is what it is ,  I ‘m just saying there is a “Hell” of lot more out there going on than what religion teaches.

I will let Bashar give his 2cents on religion , as usual Bashar is articulate and to the point. God I love Bashar !

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