Apocalypse How: There is No Out There

When we say ” There is No Out there ” it sounds rather vague and I wanted to take the time to share with you what it means to me , my definition of that concept, that term , those words.

I see myself and everything around me as a manifestation of universe. Human beings , non-human beings , houses , objects , stars , galaxies , planets , this computer screen we are looking at, everything is within “being” , or universe or , consciousness whatever term you want to give it.

So when we are talking about the only real change coming from within , its not a metaphor or an analogy , it simply is. Every “thing” is within consciousness , there is nothing outside of “IT” .

So there really is no out there. I’m not saying that humans or “things” don’t exist, I’m simply saying that they all “exist” within consciousness, or all that is , or being.

And since we as “Beings” human or otherwise are actually fractals of all that is , then effectively we are , all that is. So naturally there is nothing outside of ourselves.

This is a concept that can be difficult to conceptualize, with the mind, becasue of our programming here on planet earth, we are constantly taught what to think , not how to think.

And we have been taught to think of ourselves in a single person identity, linear timeline, finite existence perspective, its a type of program . When in fact we are multi dimensional , infinite beings.

Our egos are under constant manipulation and indoctrination so that they become bloated and self indulgent needing constant attention and affirmation that yes they are in control, that yes they exist separate from other things.

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