Apocalypse How: Relationships Part .2


In part two of relationships , I wanted to continue the discussion about one of the most important reasons we are here on this  planet… Each Other !

Although from a greater persepctive , there really is only me , and  everyone else is simply a reflection ,yes of course , you exist ,  like me , but I only experience my version of you , and of course you only experience your version of me.

OK… I know that sounds a bit egotistical , and for many it doesn’t seem … well… real , it sounds like an ego that’s gone wild , and of course its a very abstract idea , very subjective, yeah that sounds about right for my universe.

I guess the point I am trying to make here again about relationships is that they are a ” Reflection ” , which is why they are so important for growth and expansion , they allow us to gauge our development , to see  ” how ”  we have grown, where we have grown.

Have you ever tried to get dressed up,  to go out for dinner  , or got to work , have you tried to comb your hair , shave , do your make up with out a mirror … you need that reflection… to see how you look , to see the changes you have made , to see that the actions you have taken to get ready actually paid off  , without the reflection , you don’t  “know” !

When I used to live in my cave , I didn’t need a mirror , life was very simple,  I didn’t have to listen to anyone else’s opinions , I could come and go as I please, if I wanted to bang on my drums , I could bang as loud as I wanted all night long ,  I could scribble all over the cave walls , and I could go and hang out with my cave buddies anytime I wanted , or be alone , as long as I wanted , life was good , life was …simple !

And I never got lonely , sure I needed some physical attention from time to  time , but I never felt alone, I have always known loneliness as a state of being , I have always had a good connection to source ,and we all know you can be just as lonely with some one by your side , and hell of a lot more ” unhappy ” having to deal with all their crap…right ?

So …why am I married now  ?  Because somewhere along the way I realized that I had explored my cave life to the fullest and that I wanted a mirror !

I wanted to grow and expand , and while I could continue my cave life and I could take the easy way out , I chose to challenge myself and be something different, and I have never looked back !

Relationships are the definition of challenging, they are the most challenging thing we know , when it comes to real , deep challenge , not climbing Mount Everest challenge , but deep , spiritual challenge  !

So here I am years later and as I look back , as I ” Reflect” on my life , my experiences , I can honestly say  the last few years have been some of the the best years of my life ,from a purely linear perspective of course, there has been unprecedented growth and expansion !

I have leaned to love unconditionally , I have learned compassion ,  I have learned empathy , I have learned forgiveness , I have learned understanding , for my partner , but more importantly …for myself , this is the purpose of  “healthy relationships” , they inspire us to become more of who and what we are.

Unhealthy relationships inspire us not to have unhealthy relationships , even if it takes a few to figure that out even if it takes a lifetime or two !

This is the reason all that is ,  consciousness can  experience  itself as individuated aspects , or fractals ,of all that is ,  so that it “can” experience the reflection of infinite perspectives in infinite combinations, this is how the larger consciousness system learns and grows into greater complexity ,  otherwise it would stagnate ,   like I was , in my cave.

Yes relationships can be hard, challenging , especially in these times we are in , and of course like I said,  there are all types of relationships that are not healthy per say, again …  those simply teach us what we do not want , they are all valid reflections though!

All that being said , your first relationship is with yourself , if you don’t’ have a good relationship with yourself , then all other relationships will reflect that !

Like the old saying goes, you can’t love anyone until you love yourself !

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