Science on  planet earth is rather like religion as it is full of dogma promoted by academics who like preachers claim they know all there is to know and refuse to go outside of their box for fear of loss of stature , tenure or even worse funding for their research.

So here we are in 2011 driving internal combustion engine cars becasue science is restricted by the corporations and the bankers and whoever is behind them. 

The human race gets the crumbs of the real technology that exists , but never the technology that could set us free from the daily toil of our lives.

There is so much evidence showing how technologies that came into being are squashed by the powers that be , much like the story of  Tesla and his run in with JP Morgan.  This is the classic tale of  bankers,  the minions of the real elite , and how they destroy or worse use to their own advantage over others ,any inventions that manifest in the public domain that would empower the common man, like cheap or even free energy.

Science is supposed to be about exploration and understanding the nature of reality , but what we have with our modern science  is yet another control grid. Sure we have all kinds of knowledge and inventions , and devices that have come out that we benefit from, like the internet,the toilet and all the associated technology required for its existence.

But have we really changed ,have we really evolved , the world is at war over resources and greed and corruption , and it seems that our science , the mother of our inventions has only allowed us to destroy each other and the earth more effectively.

That being said ,  as always universe uses everything , there is no black and white here.  There are always positive and negative attributes to every “Thing” that exists in this polarized reality we find ourselves in .

So I’m not bashing the concept of Science here , its just time we unveil the illusions and deceptions of modern science  just like we should with modern religions, they can be a “Starting Point ” but they do not hold all the information ,nothing does.

Science is simply another type of belief system , if  science tells you , that you do not exist outside your physical body , that consciousness is a product of the brain , then that’s  just another form of limitation , and you have to ask , who or what is the author of this thing we call science.

I say we all need to become scientists in the truest definition ,  “a systematic activity to acquire knowledge”. with no agenda , no matter where it leads us and for the expansion of our awareness  individually and as a race.

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