Michael Ruppert

Michael Ruppert is an excellent place to start if you want to get an understanding of the monster known as the Military Industrial / Intelligence Complex.

This monster with all its alphabet agencies , bought and paid for politicians , and corporations who feed on the death and destruction of the masses is completely brought into the light with Michael’s work.

He is also well know for his research on peak oil and is the basis for his documentary “Collapse” , siting Peak Oil as one of the major reasons for eventual global economic , social collapse.

Of course if we do something about it , that could all change , but it certainly doesn’t look like The Powers that be are doing anything to change our dependency on oil.

The technology of course exists and has for a long time , one only needs to look at Tesla’s work to confirm that we have other ways to power a technological society.

But of course the oligarchies that rule the planet will not let this technology come into the public because it would empower the common man, and we can’t have any of that.

So the slave systems go on , as it has for thousands of years , this is just he latest flavor.

Check out the books below by Michael Ruppert !

In this video with Michael Ruppert , he tears into the corruption of the CIA and the many flaws behind the official story regarding 911.

And of Course you should check out Michael’s latest work “Collapse” , where he starts out with Peak Oil , and winds into derivatives and the banking oligarchy and corruption on Wall street and all the madness we now see as the American Empire starts to crumble and the American people are left holding the bag.

He also breaks down the basics of Fiat currencies and Fractional reserve banking for those that are not familiar with our modern ponzi scheme , oops I mean Financial system!

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