In part one of the awakening process we discussed the initial phases many of us go through when traveling deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole. 

After we get passed the blame game of figuring out who is behind all the craziness on this planet we generally end up somewhere in the twilight zone of who is behind that curtain that we don’t ever get to see.

Most of the researchers out there who have really done the deep research allowing the data to take them where ever it goes regardless of its popularity or political correctness end up pretty much in the same place.

Its a place few people want to go out of sheer terror of actually taking responsibility and acknowledging that perhaps we are not what we think we are.

Hell , at this point , I don’t even know what I think I think I am ,  and that’s not a bad place to be becasue it leaves all probabilities open to all possibilities.

Once we quite blaming the bankers and the Elite blood lines , we peak behind the veil , and we see a non human presence. Most of the data points to the Anunnaki as the primary non human influence on this planet.  With out branding these beings good or bad lets just examine how they have influenced human evolution.

The general consensus from the “fear based”   camp of researchers is that they are quite the control freaks and are the cause for most of the turmoil going on in what we call physicality , and they seem to feed on our fear as a form of sustenance .

They say this is where Satan and evil find their roots in our collective consciousness. In essence what people call the Devil and Satan worshipers are really people devoted to these beings, and in return for their devotion they are highly rewarded with material wealth and power.  There talking about the rich and powerful elite class, those with absolutely no morality or empathy for the human race , waging wars and destroying mother earth in the name of profit and power.
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