Sixth Written Transmission Download
March 2, 2014
Via Elizabeth Chaykowski

When you truly understand that you are consciousness and consciousness is energy: When you truly understand that even your bodies are consciousness and energy:

Then you will no longer need to ingest a material substance and convert it to energy to sustain yourselves. Even this need is an illusion of the material world.

If you were to become completely conscious and aware, right now, that you are energy and that all is just energy and that you are surrounded by and part of one energy, you would immediately then sustain yourselves by drawing on this energy that you all are and share as the One.
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Fifth Written Transmission Download
February 25, 2014
Via Elizabeth Chaykowski

All information that comes to you comes because you have summoned it. It is up to you to decide whether you have summoned it from a place of what you do want or a place of what you do not want.

It is up to you to decide whether it supports your highest will and highest good or not. Finally, it is up to you to decide whether to apply it or discard it. But regardless of how you choose to assess the information, the origin of its arrival is always you.

The more conscious you are: the more aware you are of your ongoing, running inner dialogue, the more you will notice the relationship between the questions you have been asking and the information that seems to randomly be coming to you: this often in some of the most unexpected ways and surprising of places.

Now, if you can wrap your brain around all that, here is a big leap of faith. If you have summoned information that you feel does support your highest will and highest good, it is because you have jumped the tracks into a parallel reality in which you already know the information and are utilizing it with good results.
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